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NASA sees hot towers as Tropical Storm Fabio’s trigger

Rob Gutro | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center NASA research has indicated whenever “Hot Towering” thunderstorms are spotted within a tropical cyclone, it is more likely to strengthen. NASA’s TRMM satellite saw hot towers within newborn Tropical Depression 06E when it passed overhead early July 12 and it later became Tropical Storm Fabio. Tropical Depression […]

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NASA's Hurricane page is all 'a-Twitter'

NASA’s Hurricane page is all ‘a-Twitter’

MEDIA RELEASE NASA is all “a-Twitter” about its tropical cyclone research. In 2005, NASA created its Hurricane and Tropical Cyclone Web page that covers research on tropical cyclones around the world every day. That includes all ocean basins in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Now, NASA’s Hurricane page has a companion Twitter page. NASAHurricane […]

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