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Police arrest Puna man in connection with theft


Isamu Tamari Lopez
Isamu Tamari Lopez

Hawaiʻi Island Police arrested and charged 42-year old Isamu Tamari Lopez of Hawaiian Beaches following an incident at a bank.  Police received a report from a female victim who previously had her purse stolen that a male suspect was trying to cash a personal check at a Hilo bank.

The victim was alerted to the activity by the bank when the teller that was assisting the male suspect attempting to cash the check recognized that he seemed odd.  The victim related that her purse had recently been stolen and that in the purse were personal checks.

The male suspect fled the scene before police arrived, but evidence was captured and recovered that lead investigators to Lopez as being the suspect in the case.   Lopez was later arrested by police on September 25, 2019.

Lopez was charged with theft, identity theft, unauthorized possession of personal confidential information, and forgery.  He was held on $3,800.00 bail.

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