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Police team up with Keonepoko Elementary to encourage safe driving


Students and Faculty of Keonepoko Elementary School teamed up with the Hawaiʻi Police Department to remind motorists of safe driving habits.

On (March 8 and March 11), Students, Faculty and Police Officers conducted sign waving events fronting Keonepoko Elementary School. The two-day event consisted of approximately 60 students, two faculty members and Police Officers from the Community Policing Section, School Resource Officers and Traffic Enforcement Officers.

The message from the sign waving was to remind motorists that the school zone speed limit is 25 mph and 20 mph when the lights are flashing, to always wear your seatbelt and do not use your mobile device while driving.

Fines for the above violations are as follows:

  1. Speeding in a School Zone – $322.00
  2. Mobile Electronic Device Prohibited – School / Construction Zone – $347.00
  3. No Seatbelt – $107.00

Drive safely at all times.

One Response to “Police team up with Keonepoko Elementary to encourage safe driving”

  1. Stephen Schlich says:

    From Keonepoko School website: “Fines for the above violations are as follows: Speeding in a School Zone: $322 Mobile Electronic Device Prohibited – School/Construction Zone: $347 No Seatbelt: $107”
    – – – – – – – – – –
    Fine for parking in the roadway? Parents will stop blocking traffic only when there are consequences. A possible solution: Remove “sidewalk” barriers along north side of Kahakai Blvd past Aama, Ahi, Aholehole, Aku Streets, so cars can wait on the shoulder there, not blocking traffic. And enforce no blocking traffic in front of the school!


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