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ACLU reminds government to prevent censorship of social media


Honolulu, Hawai‘i: Like many of us, public officials and government agencies use social media to communicate, interact and to be accessible – getting comments and engaging in discussion with constituents, voters, and supporters.

When a comment on a social media page is critical, it may be tempting to delete or suppress it. But the First Amendment holds government officials to a higher standard. They must let all voices be heard. Courts have been clear that social media used for official communications by public officials and government agencies, when open to public comments, are “limited public forums.” This means stronger free speech protections for page followers and visitors apply.

Because viewpoint-based censorship of official government social media violates the First Amendment, the ACLU of Hawai‘i has sent a letter reminding our elected officials and all government agencies of their responsibilities under the law. The letter urges them to set policies and adopt best practices for social media. This is to avoid inadvertently or purposefully censoring constituents by blocking them or deleting their comments based on their viewpoints. The letter also requests the recipients to restore the posting privileges of all those who may have been unlawfully blocked in the past.

Executive Director Joshua Wisch said: “As our legislature continues its 2019 work, this is a timely reminder that government officials may not block or ban people with whom they disagree. The public should know that the First Amendment protects our right to be heard by the government whether it is face to face or online. If, however, a lawmaker has a personal social media page NOT used for official communications, they may – like anyone else – block or delete comments.”

A copy of the letter and more information on what to do if you have been blocked or censored by a government official can be found on the ACLU of Hawaii’s website,

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