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Seminar on solutions to leaky sewers in Kona Tuesday (March 12)

Flowvac Seminar

Seminar: Solution to Leaky Sewers. March 12th at West Hawaii Civic Center

Vacuum systems are airtight and breaks are readily detectable

Traditional sewer pipes leak in and leak out. Aged systems can leak 30 to 50% of the daily flow. This leakage adds salt and may make wastewater reuse problematic. Outward leakage adds sewage to the ground and nearshore waters. Such leakage threatens public and ocean health (

“Vacuum sewer systems almost always costs less to install and less to maintain than traditional gravity systems, and certainly less than pressurized systems with grinder pumps if more than 100 houses are involved. FLOVAC’s system does not use grinder pumps. In fact, the system does not use any electricity outside its central vacuum station which is very similar to a standard lift station, though safer and cleaner”. (

Installations include coastal communities worldwide.

Presenter: John Radinoff, CEO, FlowVac Systems Australia
When: March 12, 2019
Where: West Hawaii Civic Center Bldg G
Time: 10 a.m.-12 noon

All interested persons are invited. This is an educational public service of the Environmental Management Commission.
(No endorsement is made or implied)

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