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Baumgarner is East Hawaii’s Officer of the Month for December 2018


Aloha Exchange Club Member James Sanborn with Officer Joshua Baumgarner.

Aloha Exchange Club Member James Sanborn with Officer Joshua Baumgarner.

The Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaiʻi recognized Officer Joshua Baumgarner on Thursday (January 24, 2019) as the “Officer of the Month” for December 2018.

Baumgarner, who has 3-years of service with the Police Department, was nominated by Captain Kenneth Quiocho for his effective handling of two unrelated situations in December.

The recent volcanic activity in Leilani Estates devastated and disrupted the community. Following the end to the eruption and the lifting of various police manned posts, the community began dealing with constant issues involving squatters and associated increase in crimes.

Being put to task by Captain Quiocho, Baumgarner quickly orchestrated a special project in the area to check each residence that had potential squatters within with the intent of enforcing the laws related to trespassing. The results were impressive; in a single day this task force arrested seven people and served twenty-two warrants. The response from the residents was overwhelmingly positive to the police action taken.

Later in the month during the early morning hours of December 30, 2018, an elderly couple in Hawaiian Paradise Park awoke to discover an intruder within their residence. The elderly homeowner confronted the male suspect who ran to the victim’s Toyota truck parked outside, starting it with keys he had stolen from within the residence, then fled the area by crashing through the closed front gate.

That same day, Officer Baumgarner was able to locate and recover the stolen truck and identify a potential suspect.

“Officer Baumgarner is one of the rare officers in the Puna District that has a knack for developing and using confidential informants to solve crimes” Quiocho wrote “when there is a major crime that occurs within the district it is usually Officer Baumgarner that the other officers turn to in developing leads and information related to the crime”.

As “Officer of the Month” Baumgarner is eligible for “Officer of the Year”. He was previously recognized as the Aloha Exchange Club’s 2016 “Officer of the Year”.

The East Hawaii “Officer of the Month” award is a project of the Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaiʻi.

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