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Police to step-up DUI checkpoints for the holiday season


Drive sober or get pulled over

The Hawai‘i Police Department is kicking off their 2018 Christmas Season “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. HPD Officers are always vigilant in their efforts to stop drunk drivers from hurting themselves or others on our roadways, but citizens will see that intensify over the next few weeks. From December 13-31, HPD Officers will be patrolling and conducting DUI Roadblocks throughout the Island searching for drivers who are driving under the influence.

“Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” drives home why it is so critical to always drive sober. Over the past five years, an average of 300 people died in drunk driving crashes during Christmas through New Year’s holiday period. In December 2016 alone, 781 people lost their lives in drunk driving crashes.

This is the season of giving and the Hawai’i Police Department wants you to give your friends, family and yourself the opportunity to live a long and happy life. Making a few good decisions will help keep people safe. If you are going to drink, don’t drive. Make plans ahead of time to get a ride with a sober driver, call for a cab or use a ride share program. Even Santa wears a seatbelt, and so should you. Those cell phone texts, pictures, and phone calls can wait until you’re stopped. That way you can focus on the road and the world in front of you. This season we are sure you will see many blue lights. “Drive Sober, or you will Get Pulled Over” and see those blue lights behind you.

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