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Police urge pedestrians and motorists to be safe in downtown Hilo


As the Holiday season approaches, Hawaiʻi Island Police are reminding pedestrians and motorists alike to stay alert and practice pedestrian safety.

“With an increase in pedestrian traffic in the areas of Downtown Hilo by both residents and visitors, police have witnessed near collisions with motorists,” said Captain Greg Esteban, Commander of the South Hilo Patrol Division. “The primary factors that contribute to these near collisions are distracted pedestrians or motorists, along with failures to yield the right of way. Visitors may be preoccupied with mobile devices, maps, or taking in the beauty of their surroundings and thus unaware of the significant danger they create.”

As a result, the South Hilo Community Policing Section is conducting a combination of education and enforcement projects in the Downtown Hilo area aimed at curtailing injuries and promoting pedestrian safety. A recent project “resulted in the issuance of 18 citations and at least 30 warnings for jaywalking and crossing against illuminated traffic control devices violations” according to Captain Esteban.

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