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Visits to Kulani Correction Facility are canceled this weekend


Due to possible adverse weather conditions caused by Hurricane Lane, some of the jails/prisons are exercising caution and cancelling visits this weekend only.

Oahu Community Correctional Center
Kauai Community Correctional Center
Women’s Community Correctional Center
Halawa Correctional Facility
Kulani Correctional Facility

Visits still scheduled (subject to change pending weather):
Waiawa Correctional Facility
Maui Community Correctional Center
Hawaii Community Correctional Center

Due to the unique circumstances this storm presents, all visitors scheduled for this weekend for these three facilities should contact them in order to find out if visitation will be held.

To check with facilities:
Hawaii Community Correctional Center: (808) 933-0431
Maui Community Correctional Center: (808) 243-5861
Waiawa Correctional Facility: (808) 677-6150
Facility contact information can also be found on our website at

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