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Glenwood Park closed due to theft and vandalism


Hawai‘i County Department of Parks and Recreation is informing the public that Glenwood Park, located on Highway 11 near mile marker 15, will be closed until further notice due to constant vandalism and theft.

Over the last two weeks, the 3,000-gallon potable water system was drained twice during the evening hours, causing issues with the water pump and bathroom facilities. The vandalism of the potable water system could also pose a safety risk to users of the park.

“We are in a constant struggle with homeless and users at this facility who do not respect the local communities and feel that breaking the equipment and stealing from the park has no consequences. Every time we have to go out and repair the facility, it costs the public tax dollars that could be used in other areas,” said Roxcie Waltjen, Director of Parks and Recreation.

“The park users and community members who follow park rules and use the bathroom facilities are the ones that lose out due to the closure. I’m going to be working with the local community and business leaders to determine solutions to prevent further vandalism and theft,” Waltjen said.

To report information about the recent incidents, please contact the Police non-emergency number at 935-3311.

If damage or vandalism is found at any of your parks and beaches, please inform Parks and Recreation as soon as possible at (808) 961-8311.

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