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Stene: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park should seek Federal funds to fix damaged roads

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By Aaron Stene | Special to Hawaii 24/7

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park wants to reopen the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park eventually. The first step in this process is the reconstruction of the park’s heavily damaged roadway infrastructure

This is why I strongly believe the National Park Service should request the assistance of the Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration. The CFLHD has the leadership and knowledge to oversee the reconstruction of the park’s internal roadway inventory. They have a sterling track record of project delivery that is on time and under budget (e.g. The multi-phase Saddle Road improvement project).

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an important economic resource for Hawaii Island. If the National Park Service wants to expedite the reopening of the park, it will need outside assistance to lead the reconstruction effort of its roadway infrastructure. This is why I hope the National Park Service requests the help of the CFLHD.

Aaron Stene

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