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Jelsma is East Hawaii’s Officer of the Month for April


Officer Tyler Jelsma with John Stewart of the Aloha Exchange Club.

Officer Tyler Jelsma with John Stewart of the Aloha Exchange Club.

The Aloha Exchange Club has named Officer Tyler Jelsma as the Officer of the Month of April 2018.

Officer Jelsma has been a Police Officer with the Hawaii Police Department for about five years and is currently assigned to South Hilo Patrol. This award is as a result of his investigation of a Terror Threat I case, in which he developed a suspect and was able to get a charge for associated offenses.

On (March 30), at about 12:55 p.m., Hilo Police Dispatch received an anonymous 911 Call from a public payphone on the corner of Kamehameha Avenue/Mamo Street. The caller stated there was a bomb at an establishment and hung up the phone. A preliminary investigation was conducted, and as a precaution, the establishment was contacted and advised of this threat. There was no evidence that the call was credible.

Later that day, Officer Jelsma arrested and charged a suspect for an unrelated Assault that occurred on Kamehameha Avenue. Due to the proximity and period of this Assault investigation, including the unique voice of the individual, Officer Jelsma listened to the voice recording in dispatch. Upon hearing the recording of the caller that made the Bomb Threat call, he believed that it was the same party. A subsequent interrogation resulted in a full confession. The male suspect was then arrested for TERROR THREAT I and MISUSE OF 911.

Officer Tyler Jelsma took the initiative to continue his investigation which resulted in the development of a suspect and ended with a charge for associated offenses.

Officer Tyler Jelsma exemplifies the Hawaiʻi Police Department core values of integrity, professionalism, and compassion.

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