Kilauea Eruption: Heavy vog to blanket parts of the island due to ongoing eruption Saturday (June 16)

Hawaii County Civil Defense interactive map of roadblocks, subdivisions, and eruption fissures:

USGS Resources related to the 2018 Kilauea Lower East Rift Zone eruption and Summit Activity

Kīlauea Eruption Information Resources:…

Crowdsourced Kilauea Eruption lavaflow map here.

Livestream webcam of Kilauea summit here.

EPA gas monitor data to

Kilauea Eruption Update

An update of the ongoing Kilauea Eruption by Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Video courtesy NPS/Daniel Hubner & Benjamin Hayes

This is a Civil Defense Message for 6 p.m., Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that Fissure 8 in the lower East Rift Zone continues to be very active and is flowing into the ocean at Kapoho.  Fissure 16 is oozing lava and is being monitored closely.

Civil Defense Authorities are advising people of the following for information on the East Rift Zone eruption:

  • There is no immediate threat. Please only act on information obtained from agencies responsible for monitoring the volcano.

Please be advised of the following updates to the shuttle schedules for the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) at the Keaau High School Gym:

  • The last bus leaves the Keaau High School Gym at 8 p.m.
  • The last bus leaves the Pahoa Shelter at 6 p.m.
  • There are continuous shuttles between the Keaau Armory & Keaau High School Parking Lot to Keaau High School Gym every 20 minutes beginning at 7:30 a.m.
  • There are continuous shuttles between Pahoa Community Center and Keaau High School Gym every hour beginning at 7:30 a.m.

Shuttle Bus Schedule for DRC

7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Route 1 – Keaau Armory and Keaau High School Parking Lot to Keaau High School Gym

Continuous shuttle every 20 mins

7:30 a.m.       Keaau Armory
7:35 a.m.       Keaau High School Parking Lot
7:40 a.m.       Keaau High School Gym
7:45 a.m.       Parking Lot
7:50 a.m.       Armory
7:55 a.m.       Parking Lot
8 a.m.            Gym
8:05 a.m.       Parking Lot
8:10 a.m.       Armory
Continuous until 9 p.m.


Route 2 – Pahoa Community Center to Keaau High School Gym

Continuous shuttle every hour

7:30 a.m.       Pahoa Gym
7:35 a.m.       Pahoa Community Center
8 a.m.            Keaau High School Gym
8:30 a.m.       Pahoa Gym
8:35 a.m.       Pahoa Community Center
9 a.m.            Keaau High School Gym
Continuous until 9 p.m.

The Pahoa Post Office is open during normal business hours with temporary Sunday hours from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for mail and package distribution only for residents in the affected areas. No retail services on Sunday.

For your safety, heed warnings from Civil Defense officials and stay alert.

Ocean entry laze

Due to the lava entry at the ocean, the following policies are in effect:

  • Access to the area is prohibited due to the laze hazard.
  • Stay away from any ocean plume since it can change direction without warning.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard is actively monitoring the ocean entry area and enforcing a 300-meter standoff zone. Only permitted tour boats are allowed in the area.
  • Health hazards of laze include lung, eye and skin irritation.
  • Be aware that the laze plume travels with the wind and can change direction without warning.

Get the latest Vog Predictions here:

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Vog

Click on image for a full description of air quality levels.

Click on image for full description of air quality levels.

Volcanic gas emissions remain elevated throughout the area downwind of the vents in lower Puna.

  • Severe conditions may exist such as choking and inability to breathe.
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) gas from fissures are especially dangerous for elderly, children/babies and people with respiratory problems.

County, State, and Federal partners continue to monitor the situation. You will be informed of any conditions that affect your safety.

Monitor vog levels and forecasts: People on Hawaii Island outside the area of volcanic activity are also advised to monitor levels of vog at

The residents of Puna are going through a very difficult time. We ask for your help and understanding.

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