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Governor Ige signs second supplemental emergency proclamation for Kilauea eruption event


HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed Tuesday (June 5) a second supplemental emergency proclamation adding housing and law-enforcement provisions to ensure the health and safety of the people who have been most affected by the ongoing Kīlauea eruption.

“The lava flow has expanded and overrun more communities as it’s advanced, and earthquakes continue to rock the area. Hundreds of structures have been destroyed, including residential homes. I’m working closely with Mayor Kim and FEMA to develop a housing plan, and this supplemental proclamation gives the county more options for suitable shelters and rapid rehousing efforts,” said Gov. Ige.

The second supplemental proclamation permits the governor and/or mayor to take the following actions with respect to housing:

  • Establish guidelines for providing accommodations and shelter
  • Identify county, state and private locations and facilities suitable for use as shelters
  • Provide for relocation and rehabilitation for disaster victims
  • Make state lands available for housing

“As the size of the affected area has grown, so have the challenges of keeping the residents and their property safe. We’ve had people who refuse to comply with officials who are trying to control access into extremely hazardous areas, putting themselves and our first responders at risk. The combined federal, state and county efforts are focused on the health and safety of our community. The emergency rules we are adopting will increase criminal penalties for those who do not obey emergency officials,” said Gov. Ige.

The second supplemental proclamation sets criminal penalties for those violating emergency rules, including:

  • Interfering with emergency personnel
  • Failing to comply with reasonable directions of emergency personnel
  • Failing to evacuate
  • Violating curfew

The emergency rules also prohibit the operation of drones in the incident area.

PDF file of emergency proclamation here.

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