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Mayor Kim imposes emergency rule to restrict access to Lower Puna


Emergency Rule Map

Emergency Rule Map

An emergency rule imposed Thursday (May 31) restricts access to the area containing Kapoho Vacationland, and Kapoho Farm Lots, which is Kaphoho-Kumukahi Lighthouse Road, Kapoho Kai Road, Kalapana Road (Highway 137), and the ocean, and which is also shown as the area the map.

Full PDF of the emergency rule here.

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  1. In the 1960s Hawaii was faced with almost exactly the volcanic problem as now.

    Then, on a very well thought-out plan, idea from 1937, free in full on pdf here:
    Thanks, Springer

    They built embankments with rock, to both dam and divert the lava flows. The report by Gordon Macdonald, the main planner, is on the net, free. Macdonald was a very fine geologist, did not dream the limit on magma was the size of the pond in Kilauea crater, which is the present USGS dogma. This lot is again from primary vents, supply potentially unlimited. The quakes again show foci below the sea SE of Kapoho, at depths like 4 km.
    That dozing saved many homes, but getting it going was dogged with bureaucratic and legal delays. A private landowner started with just two small D8 dozers. Eventually they used 24, many bigger. There was not enough time, and Kapoho village was lost to lava. It was then rebuilt, and is again threatened.

    But there is now no mention of matching effort. Why ?

    About 50 big dozers, 50 excavators and 50 large dump trucks are needed. And accurate survey, to properly position the walls, that need to be 10 metres high and with bases 50 metres wide, made of heavy rock Now. Not the waffle and “trust us, we know all about it.” people are now getting from the USGS and Civil Defense. Plus major mandatory evacuations and real gas masks for all those breathing SO2 fumes, not cheap paper .
    The 4×50 plan.

    Peter Ravenscroft, 1 June 2018
    Independent geologist, Australia.


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