A volcanic eruption could occur without warning in Puna, residents are urged to prepare for the worst


Hawai’i County Civil Defense is on high alert on a 24-hour basis for the possibility of a volcanic eruption in the lower Puna area. All areas bordering the East Rift Zone are at high risk for eruption activities. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory has identified magma movement in the lower East Rift Zone. We urge all residents to keep themselves informed and on the alert.

All areas from Pu`u O`o crater down to Kapoho along the East Rift Zone are at risk. Please be aware that volcanic activities can take place with little or no warning.

Be on the alert for the following volcanic hazards:

  • Lava inundation
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Methane gas explosion
  • Earthquakes
  • Poor air quality

Residents of high-risk areas are urged to take the following actions:

  • Do prepare your emergency plan. Plans should be discussed with your family now.
  • Stay informed on the situation by listening to your radio.
  • You are asked to report any unusual events to Civil Defense at 935-0031.

If you need special assistance, please call 935-0031.

Evacuation shelters will be open as needed, and you will be informed about shelter locations.

Hawai`i County Civil Defense is working in close coordination with Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. The entire County emergency response team has been activated.

You are asked to keep yourself informed and be prepared for immediate evacuation if necessary.

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