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Hawaii County audit report wins national award


LEXINGTON, KY — The 2017 Distinguished Knighton Award for best performance audit in the Small audit shop category has been awarded to the County of Hawaii’s Office of the Legislative Auditor by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). The Award will be formally presented at ALGA’s Annual Conference in Colorado Springs, CO on May 7, 2018.

The report, County of Hawaii’s Department of Human Resources Hiring Practices, was judged on several key elements, such as the potential for significant impact, the persuasiveness of the conclusions, the focus on improving government efficiency and effectiveness, and its clarity, conciseness, and innovation.

The audit is a thorough and well-documented examination of an issue that affects a broad swath of the public. In particular, the audit consistently clarified for the readers why the findings mattered to policymakers and citizens.

The report also effectively used formatting, including headers, signposting, and exhibits, to help readers move through significant detail and comprehend findings of high importance.

Each year, local government audit organizations from around the U.S. and Canada submit their best performance audit reports for judging. The purpose of the competition is to improve government services by encouraging and increasing levels of excellence among local government auditors. Judges from peer organizations determined that this audit was among the best of 2017.

The Association of Local Government Auditors is a national audit association founded in 1985 committed to supporting and improving local government auditing through advocacy, collaboration, education, and training while upholding and promoting the highest standards of professional ethics.

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