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Jelsma is East Hawaii’s Officer of the Month for February


James Sanborn (L) Officer Chris Jelsma (R)

James Sanborn (L) Officer Chris Jelsma (R)

The Aloha Exchange Club has honored Officer Chris Jelsma as the February “Officer of the Month.” Officer Jelsma, (a 6-year veteran), was selected based on his dedication to duty and proactive approach to patrol.

On (February 19), Officer Jelsma was on routine patrol when he spotted a suspicious vehicle with an unidentified occupant parked in front of a known drug house. On making checks on the vehicle, he discovered it was associated with a known individual who was wanted on a no-bail warrant with a cautious code “considered armed and dangerous.”

When additional units arrived, Officer Jelsma made contact with the individual seated in the vehicle, and the suspect provided his name. He was informed that he had a warrant and was under arrest. The suspect then attempted to start the vehicle while Officer Jelsma and backup officers extricated the man from the vehicle after a brief struggle. The male party was subsequently arrested for his warrant and resisting arrest.

After the arrestee had been sent to the Hilo cellblock for processing, another officer spotted what looked like drug paraphernalia. As a result, the Hilo Vice unit was contacted, and a K9 drug screen was conducted alerting positive to narcotic in the vehicle.

Because of Officer Jelsma’s proactive approach to patrol and his tenacity he was able to get a wanted person and drugs off the street.

Officer Jelsma embodies the Hawaiʻi Police Department Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism, Compassion, Teamwork, and Community Satisfaction.

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