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Results of the 2018 Kauikeaouli Challenge in Keauhou Saturday (March 17)

By Jane Bockus | Special to Hawaii 24/7

This event is a race primarily for Recreational Paddlers, and both courses began outside Keauhou Bay, with the 3 mile Short Course making a turnaround a Double Hull Canoe outside Kahaluu, and the 4.5 mile Long Course going to the turnaround at Magic Sands. The race was held Saturday, March 17, 2018.

With a total of 18 entries (9 racing on each course), this event is really growing, and many of the paddlers who usually participate only recreationally, have now voiced an interest in joining in teams for the regatta racing season.

After all the canoes had crossed the finish line, awards were presented, and the participants enjoyed a great brunch prepared by the super-chefs at Keauhou.

Keauhou's 6th Annual Kauikeaouli Challenge -3 mile Long Course Keauhou to Kahaluu & Return
1I- 20:32:19KAI EHITU in To'iki ia Kai Ehitu1st MIXED
crew:Makalani Stong, Dave Yamagata, Dannah Waitley, Jeanne Isola, Jules Dudoit, Mimi Bergstrom
2A-70:33:23KAI OPUA in Heleuma2nd MIXED - "LOVE TRUMPS HATES"
crewElena Semethova, Tetu Lefort, Mike Caudill, Mike Kasiah, Felecia Rouerdinh, Brian Cornel
3H-70:35:21WAIKOLOA in Kamali'I Kai3rd MIXED - "WAIKOLOA WARRIORS"
crewKurt Heilmann, Kathy Heilmann, Patrick Ford, Adele Tennant, Maryann Holloway, John Pierce
49510:35:34KAI OPUA in Kikaha4th MIXED
crewInna Worrall, Walter Wells, Walter Heimigartner, Beth Nemmers, Shelley Carver, Gary Klewchuk
5A-20:35:53KAI OPUA in Liliuokalani "Queenie"1st WOMEN - "PADDLE PUSHERS"
crewLana Branum, Kim West, Katie Friesen, Beth Wilson, Debbie Walch, Jo Ma
69190:37:31KAI OPUA in NoName5th MIXED "HUI HOKU"
crew:Jeff Wise,Don Podlubny, Shirley Podlubny, Muriel Owens , Tommy Owens, Crystal Laksmi-Ditton
7H-80:37:48KEAUHOU in Malia Kini6th MIXED "LAHUI LOKAHI"
crew:Noelani Campbell, Lois Hodges, Paul Regan, Hazel Ayers, Wayne Ayers, Mike Glade
8H-40:38:48KEAUHOU in Kainalani2nd WOMEN - "HOT PINK FLASH"
crew:Virginia Tormey, Cheryl Romer, Roberta Durham, Swarn Khalsa, Debra Taylor, Linda Churches
9H-30:44:37KEAUHOU in Keauhou Kai9th MIXED "ANCIENT MARINERS"
crew:Dave Byers, Dave Romer, Kathy Lindsey, Fred Lindsey, Nancy Collins, Vonnie Maron
Keauhou's 6th Annual Kauikeaouli Challenge -4.5 Mile Long Course Keauhou to Magic Sands & Return
1H-110:43:32KEAUHOU in Kai Pue'one1st MEN "TEAM IKAIKA"
crew:Tandy Kualii, Dennis Mihalka, Bill McCaw, John Christman, Shaun Roth, Peter Dahlberg
29540:43:53KAI OPUA in Kahaloa Elua2nd MEN "6 SHADES OF GRAY"
crew:Randy Stroschein, LeRoy Grose, Pete Walter, Steve Prestia, Douglas Walch, Jim Fairhurst
3H-150:44:38KEAUHOU in Kai Iliili Nehe1st MIXED "TEAM TONI"
crew:Madeleine Collins, Brook Collins, Diane Neubert, Terry Neubert,Emma Chandler, Kirby Maury
4H-120:47:08KEAUHOU in 'Iolana2nd MIXED "TRY 4 TENS"
crew:John Rodrigues, Tim Robertson, Ronda Robertson, Kerri Tobin, Erica Basilio, Carolyn Carter
5H-100:46:00KEAUHOU in Konawaena3rd MEN "FAST IS FUN"
crew:Peter Morrow, Richard Roberts, Jack Taylor, Bill Hodges, Doug Fredebaugh, Richard Ingram
69530:50:22KAI OPUA in Kai Opua4th MEN "DO NOT RESUSCITATE"
crew:Charlei Wood, Jerry Skagod, Dan White, Thomas Lampa, Glenn Ruckhaus, Bill Walton
7H-50:51:31KEAUHOU in Ma'ihi3rd MIXED "KA MIKI MIKI"
crew:Thomas Campbell, Vern Heikkila, Sandy Branch, Lyndall Cook, Mikaele Yandall, Cilla Behic
89550:51:48KAI OPUA in Miki Miki1st WOMEN "LUCKY LADIES"
crew:Lydia Hooser, Riley Theobald, Cathy Bledley, Kimberly Walker, Betty Guidotti, Cathy Fairhurst
9H-20:52:27KEAUHOU in Imilani2nd WOMEN "THE GIRLS IN THE BOAT"
crew:Jody Wheeler, Andy Ferragamo, Mary MacCheyne, Chantal Dechape, Connie Zahalka, Nancy Regan

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