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Voluntary water conservation in effect for North Kona area


This is a Department of Water Supply (DWS) update for Friday, March 9, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.

Due to ongoing repairs to wells in the North Kona area, the Department of Water Supply’s 10% Voluntary Water Conservation remains in effect. Residents are reminded to continue conservation efforts by using water as efficiently as possible.

As of this morning, Honokōhau well is offline. Hualālai and Wai`aha wells continue to be undergoing repairs also.

The Department will be activating a new water source, Kau #2 well, in the near future. Kau #2 well was approved as a potable water source by the Department of Health and meets all federal and state water quality requirements. Customers who receive water from Kau #2 (Mākālei, Pu`ukala, Kaiminani areas) may notice aesthetic differences in the water since it is a basal freshwater source.

Water tank levels will continue to be monitored and evaluated on a routine basis. However, in order to maintain water service to all its customers, the department may need to raise the water restriction if conservation efforts are not adequate.

The Department of Water Supply thanks the community for their diligence and continued efforts to conserve, recognizing that we are all stewards of water, our most precious resource.

For more information on water conservation, please visit our website at For other questions or concerns, call 961-8050 during normal business hours, 961-8790 for after-hour emergencies, or email:

Updated information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This is your Hawai`i County Department of Water Supply.

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