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Hawaiian Airlines adds Sunday flights in anticipation of high passenger demand


HONOLULU – Hawaiian Airlines has added three extra roundtrip flights from Honolulu to Kona, Lihue and Kahului on the afternoon and night of Sunday, Nov. 12, in anticipation of high passenger traffic resulting from Island Air’s shutdown.

The new flights are:

Flight No.  Departing Time     Arriving  Time 
HA1108      Honolulu  16:15    Kona      17:03 
HA1107      Kona      17:33    Honolulu  18:20 
HA1103      Honolulu  18:55    Lihue     19:36 
HA1104      Lihue     20:10    Honolulu  20:44 
HA1106      Honolulu  21:19    Kahului   21:58 
HA1105      Kahului   22:26    Honolulu  23:02 

The flights are available to the general public for purchase at

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