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Nationwide FEMA Emergency Alert System test scheduled for Wednesday (Sept 27)


HONOLULU — The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be conducting the 2017 Annual National Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test on September 27, 2017, at 8:20 a.m. HST. The test message will clearly state that the alert is only a test of the EAS system. All EAS Participants are required to participate in this nationwide test.

The purpose of this test is to assess the reliability and effectiveness of the Emergency Alert System. It will use the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), which allows broadcast stations to receive test audio from the internet-based Common Alerting Protocol-Based (CAP-Based) and then measures how effective these alerts are sent and received.

If conditions on the day of the test require the rescheduling of the test, a secondary test date is scheduled for October 4, 2017.

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