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Is there a fire extinguisher in your vehicle?

Leslie Lang, Special to Hawaii 24/7

After several tragic car crashes on Hawaii Island this week – two of them involving vehicle fires that killed occupants – Hawaii 24/7 spoke to Hawaii County Fire Chief Darren Rosario about carrying a fire extinguisher in one’s car.

Rosario said the fire department does recommend drivers carry fire extinguishers in their vehicles, provided they keep the extinguisher properly secured and serviceable.

When coming across a vehicle (or other) fire though, he stressed, the first thing to do is to call 911 immediately.

And if there’s no one inside a burning vehicle, stay back and don’t get involved. Rosario said, “The fire department only recommends a fellow motorist get involved, if it is safe to do so, to save a life.”

What’s the best type of fire extinguisher to carry in your vehicle? “For a private car, we recommend a dry powder extinguisher with an ABC rating,” he said. “A 2 lb. or less extinguisher is recommended for private cars. It must be certified to standards and labeled with its certification.”

Other tips:

  • Make sure you know how to use your fire extinguisher. Rosario said if you have any questions about using it properly, you’re welcome to stop in at any fire station.
  • Store the fire extinguisher where it doesn’t impede any safety restraint systems or airbag deployment areas, and where it does not interfere with safe operation of the vehicle.
  • Consider also carrying a first aid kit in your car or truck. They are easy to find, already stocked, in local stores and online.

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