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County of Hawaii and Hawaiian Earth Recycling reach composting contract agreement


The County of Hawai‘i (County) has rescinded its February 16, 2017 Notice of Termination to Hawaiian Earth Recycling, LLC (HER).

Mr. Clyde Kaneshiro, HER’s local principal, together with HER representatives, in cooperation with the Mayor’s Office and County representatives, have reached an agreement in principle, addressing the pricing and operational concerns of the County.

All parties have agreed that the composting facility will not be located in the Pana’ewa area. HER and the County will cooperate in locating and selecting the new site for the future composting facility.

The County is pleased with Mr. Kaneshiro’s fair offer to freeze cost factors related to compost production until the completion of the future composting facility. The County predicts that the facility will be completed within three years. This will result in an estimated savings of over $1.5 million dollars for the County while a new location is selected.

The agreement ensures HER’s continuation of the current mulching and enhanced mulching operations, which has always been good and satisfactory.

This agreement would not have been possible without the fairness and cooperation extended by Mr. Kaneshiro and HER representatives.

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