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Injured jumper at Rainbow Falls is airlifted to hospital

By Hawaii 24/7 Staff

Fire/rescue crews answered a 2:49 p.m. alarm Friday (Feb 3) to Rainbow Falls for a person who jumped off the top of the waterfall area which is about 80 feet above the pond below.

Crews arrived to find the male patient lying on the rocks at the pond’s edge motioning to bystanders at the lookout for help. Rescuers stabilized the patient for a possible spinal cord injury and he was airlifted from the pond via Chopper One and taken to Hilo Medical Center’s emergency room for evaluation.

Factoid from Red Bull which sponsors professional cliff diving:
During the 3-second fall from 85 feet (26 meters), competition divers at the 2009 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series experienced forces of 2 to 3 Gs when they hit the water and decelerated. That’s nine times stronger than the forces Olympic high divers feel diving from 33-foot (10-meter) high platforms. By the time they reached the water, the cliff diving competitors were traveling at speeds of 53 to 62 mph (85 to 100 kph) more info

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