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Results of the Stan Cann Canoe Race in Hilo Saturday (Jan 7)

By Jane Bockus | Special to Hawaii 24/7

Results of the Stan Cann Race for OC-1 / OC-2 / V-1 Rudderless and Surfskis. Held on a very windy Saturday morning (Jan 7) in Hilo, the event has been held for the past 30 years!

The paddlers on the short course raced 5 miles from Hilo Bayfront to Honoli’i and return, with the long course racers going 9 miles from the Bayfront start line to the Radio Tower at Papaikou and back to Bayfront.

Awards and lunch followed the race at Kamehameha Canoe Club’s halau.

ANNUAL STAN CANN CLASSIC - held Saturday, January 7, 2017
SHORT COURSE 5 miles from Hilo Bayfront to Honoli'I and return
10.47.44Chance Agpoon1st OC-1 Novice Male
20.50.19Jim Elliot1st OC-1 50-59 Male
30.51.49Mark Grant2nd OC-1 Novice Male
40.52.28Jeff Molder2nd OC-1 50-59 Male
50.53.30Scott Larsen1st OC-1 19-49 Male
60.53.34Paul Stanley2nd OC-1 19-49 Male
70.54.22Alec Fierman3rd OC-1 Novice Male
80.55.32Daniel Kauai3rd OC-1 50-59 Male
90.56.39Casey Nagamine3rd OC-1 19-49 Male
100.58.11Craighton Handley1st OC-1 60+ Male
110.58.21Greg Kane2nd OC-1 60+ Male
120.58.28Paul Brosnahcn4th OC-1 Novice Male
130.58.36Corrine Convery1st OC-1 Novice Female
141.00.18Pua Mendonca / Tanya Beirne1st OC-2 50+ Female
151.01.19Moke Paikuli3rd OC-1 60+ Male
161.02.28Tierra Medina-Olivera / Iaukekoa Spencer1st JUNIOR OC-2 Female
171.02.31Melissa Garcia1st OC-1 50-59 Female
181.02.57Nolan Chock4th OC-1 60+ Male
191.04.59Ruth Hamakawa2nd OC-1 50-59 Female
201.05.00Eleina Hayward / Kahina Hewitt2nd JUNIOR OC2 Female
211.05.15Gerri Hala Latu1st OC-1 19-49 Female
221.05.59Yudenis Perdomo1st V-1 Rudderless Open Male
231.06.35Kaeti Ecker1st OC-1 60+ Female
241.06.39Tracy Lewis / Don Weir1st OC-2 50+ Male
251.09.29Kalai Hardy / Meleana Spencer3rd JUNIOR OC2 Female
261.09.53Karen Mickievic2nd OC-1 60+ Female
271.11.57Carolyn Strawn3rd OC-1 60+ Female
281.17.12Amy Cook2nd OC-1 Novice Female
LONG COURSE 8 miles from Hilo Bayfront to Papaikou & return
11.06.46Zachary Judd / Jonathan Weitz1st OC-2 19-39 Male
21.07.26Kainoa Tanoai1st V-1 Rudderless Open Male
31.08.25Justin Udovch1st Surfski Open Male
41.11.25Kim Kimi / Jeremy Padayao / Kekoa Sumerater1st OC3 Rudderless Mixed
51.11.57Bruce Ayau1st OC-1 50-59 Male
61.12.52Louie Mendonca2nd OC-1 50-59 Male
71.13.11Samson Castillo1st OC-1 19-39 Male
81.13.20Aaron Makaimoku2nd Surfski Open Male
91.13.25Lloyd Ganot1st OC-1 40-49 Male
101.13.57Troy Parker Bailey3rd OC-1 50-59 Male
111.14.00Hunter Anderson4th OC-1 50-59 Male
121.14.23Trey Cox2nd V-1 Rudderless Open Male
131.14.24Bill Morris5th OC-1 50-59 Male
141.15.15Alfa Tuaolo1st OC-1 60+ Male
151.16.03Dillon Parent2nd OC-1 19-39 Male
161.16.45Steve Blyth6th OC-1 50-59 Male
171.16.57David Okita7th OC-1 50-59 Male
181.17.11Lin Cox`8th OC-1 50-59 Male
191.17.36Kristopher Keough3rd V-1 Rudderless Open Male
201.18.24Kade Pelekam3rd OC-1 19-39 Male
211.18.41Douglas Copeland9th OC-1 50-59 Male
221.18.43Matt Kaaihue2nd OC-1 40-49 Male
231.18.50Kekoa Spoon4th V-1 Rudderless Open Male
241.18.52Michael Medler3rd Surfski Open Male
251.18.54Chris Marlowe3rd OC-1 40-49 Male
261.18.57Alisa Prendergast1st OC-1 40-49 Female
271.19.15Kepa Weller4th OC-1 19-39 Male
281.19.54Chris Paulachak10th OC-1 50-59 Male
291.19.56Phillip Prendergast11th OC-1 50-59 Male
301.20.51Jeff Clemenson2nd OC-1 60+ Male
311.21.25Leilani Olson1st OC-1 19-39 Female
321.22.44Yockman Kekoa5th V-1 Rudderless Open Male
331.25.36Lorin Sellars5th OC-1 19-39 Male
341.25.53Sheila Cadaoas1st OC-1 50-59 Female
351.25.56Beverly Tuado1st OC-1 60+ Female
361.28.40Ashley Mikkola2nd OC-1 19-39 Female
371.31.22Tina Flower2nd OC-1 40-49 Female
381.31.27Amanda Degraeve3rd OC-1 19-39 Female
391.32.17Robert Olson6th V-1 Rudderless Open Male
401.35.57Jill Dawrs2nd OC-1 50-59 Female
411.36.49Christina Williams3rd OC-1 40-49 Female
421.37.49Harriet Parsons4th OC-1 19-39 Female
431.40.09Kristin Crews4th OC-1 40-49 Female
441.40.59Miri Sumida1st V-1 Rudderless Open Female
451.49.34Linda Robb2nd V-1 Rudderless Open Female
461.51.55Zachary Pratt7th V-1 Rudderless Open Male
47DNFNiklas Dahm4th Surfski Open Male

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