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Wind and small craft advisories for Hawaiian Islands

Weather advisory map via National Weather Service/NOAA

Weather advisory map via National Weather Service/NOAA

The National Weather Service in Honolulu has issued a wind advisory for all island from 6 a.m. Friday (July 1) through 6 p.m. Saturday (July 2).

Winds will be coming from the northeast to east increasing to 15-30 mph with gusts to 50 mph. Gusts to 60 mph are expected over the summit of Haleakala. Winds will be strongest over mountain ridges and high terrain along with downslope areas of mountains.

The strong winds can send trees, branches and other objects into roadways, power lines and/or equipment. Winds this strong can damage roofs and cause flying debris if outdoor items are not properly tied down. These winds can make driving difficult especially for high profile vehicles. The winds can also forcefully swing doors open or shut so use caution when opening or closing vehicle doors.

Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) reminds people that if you see a downed power line you should stay as far away as possible and report any damage or outages to their dispatch center at (808) 969-6666.

A small craft advisory is currently in effect for all Hawaiian waters and a gale warning will go into effect Friday morning for the Pailolo and Alenuihaha Channels, Hawaii Island leeward and southeast waters.

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