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Kuikahi Mediation Center volunteers honored


Kuikahi Mediation Center honored its valued cadre of volunteers on Feb. 19 with a Volunteer Appreciation Party at Nani Mau Gardens.

“We selected two mediators to receive our 2015 Volunteer of the Year award. Kathy Hammes completed her Basic Mediation Training in 1989 and Evelyn Pacheco in 1994. Both women have been committed for over two decades to the peaceful resolution of conflicts in our community. We absolutely appreciate the exceptional dedication and service of these two women,” Kuikahi Executive Director Julie Mitchell said.

In honor of the event, Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald provided certificates of appreciation from the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii to all of Kuikahi’s mediators.

In 2015, 44 mediators and apprentices gave over 1,369 hours of service in mediations at East Hawaii’s non-profit community mediation center.

“Most people don’t know that our mediation services are provided entirely by professionally trained volunteer mediators,” said Mitchell. “These are amazing folks from all walks of life and career backgrounds who donate their time to help community members resolve issues that matter to them.”

Mediators go through a four-day Basic Mediation Training and then an apprenticeship program before being selected to become Kuikahi mediators.

In addition, mediators take continuing education to increase their skills and knowledge, especially in specialized areas such as foreclosure, civil rights, and domestic mediations.


Kuikahi Mediation Center Receives $5K grant

The non-profit Kuikahi Mediation Center received a $5,000 grant from Hawaii Electric Light Company to support its East Hawaii Peer Mediation Elementary School Pilot Project.

The program brings conflict resolution and prevention skills to students, developing peacemakers in East Hawaii schools.

“We appreciate Hawaii Electric Light’s ongoing commitment to working with local charities and other non-profit organizations toward a vision of a better Hawaii,” Kuikahi Executive Director Julie Mitchell said.

“Peer mediation directly contributes to Hawai‘i Electric Light’s focus on community programs aimed at promoting educational excellence. Our East Hawaii Peer Mediation Elementary School Pilot helps keiki reach their full potential,” Mitchell said.

During the 2014-2015 school year, 40 fourth and fifth graders were trained on how to mediate disputes among students at Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School (LCPCS).

During the current school year, 73 fourth, fifth, and sixth graders have been trained in the first semester at LCPCS and Keaau and Keonepoko elementary schools.

In the second semester, additional schools will participate in the pilot project, with even more students joining the ranks of peer mediators and school peacemakers.

Kuikahi Mediation Center’s mission is to empower people to come together–to talk and to listen, to explore options, and to find their own best solutions.

To achieve this mission, Kuikahi offers mediation, facilitation, and training to strengthen the ability of diverse individuals and groups to resolve interpersonal conflicts and community issues.

For more information, call Kuikahi at 935-7844.

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