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Energy independence forum (Sept. 17)

Energy Independence, Hawai’i Style – Jobs, Money & Politics

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015
6 – 8 p.m.
West Hawaii Civic Center – County Council Chambers

In the second part of the West Hawaii Forum series on Energy hear from experts and professionals who are making a difference in Hawaii’s transition to clean and homegrown energy independence. Presenters will explore the prospects and opportunities of this fundamental energy transition.

OPENING REMARKS: Rep. Nicole E. Lowen, Vice Chair, Energy and Environmental Protection Committee

Learn how decisions that we make today, here in Hawaii County, will play an important role as to the future of clean energy jobs, livability, and the health of our communities.

Who will decide Hawaii’s energy future: HELCO/NextEra or Hawaii’s emerging clean energy economy stakeholders? What roles do ratepayers, regulators, and state energy policy play in this energy transition. How can individual citizens have an effective voice in the decisions now being made that will decide the energy changes ahead for the state and Hawai’i County?

What are the consequences of business-as-usual by continuing Hawaii’s current fossil fuel dependence on imported and dirty energy?

These are just a few of topics that will be explored on this important subject that affects communities all across the Island of Hawaii.

Who and what factors will decide Hawaii’s energy future.

With the 2016 NextEra acquisition of HEI/HECO/HELCO now in question, who will be your next electric utility, and why is this important?

Is going “off-grid” with solar and other homegrown energy options a practical and cost-effective alternative for energy independence from HELCO?

How will a statewide 100% renewable energy mandate affect your energy costs?

Will the introduction of Community microgrids increase consumer independence and power reliability?

How will added rooftop solar capacity and load-balancing batteries influence HELCO and its traditional power supplier revenue model?

What is the role that new and emerging energy technologies will play in decisions that determine the best path for Hawaii Island’s journey to a clean and independent energy future?

Will a full energy transition from dirty energy to solar, wind, hydrogen, and thermal better prepare Hawaii for life in a changing global climate, and ensure the stewardship of our island environment on which we all depend?

Hear from the experts, their assessments and solutions, and discover a world of clean energy options uniquely available to Hawaii and its communities.

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