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High surf warning for Hawaii Island until Tuesday (Sept 1)

Weather advisory map via National Weather Service/NOAA

Weather advisory map via National Weather Service/NOAA

The National Weather Service in Honolulu has issued a high surf warning until 6 p.m. Tuesday (Sept 1) for north, east and south shores of Hawaii Island.

Surf is forecast to be in the 6-12 foot range overnight rising to 15-20 feet late Sunday.

Very high ocean water is forecast to be surging and sweeping across beaches, coastal benches and lava flows creating the potential for impacts to coastal properties and infrastructure including roadways. Powerful longshore and rip currents will be present at most beaches. Large breaking waves and strong currents may impact harbor entrances and channels causing challenging boat handling.

Coastal areas can expect large, strong breaking waves, significant shore breaks and dangerous strong longshore and rip currents making swimming difficult and dangerous.

Beachgoers, swimmers and surfers should heed the advice given by ocean safety officials and be careful. Know your limits and when in doubt, don’t go out.

Boaters should expect recreational surfers and bodyboarders using harbor channels to access surfing areas.

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