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Police arrest man with assistance of Neighborhood Watch members


Kehaulanio Ching

Kehaulanio Ching

A 39-year-old man has been charged with trespassing and several drug offenses after a Neighborhood Watch member in Volcano and other area residents took action after observing suspicious activity.

At about 12:45 p.m. Sunday (August 23), a resident observed an unknown man enter her property for the third time in several days and look into her house. The same man had been observed by several neighbors to be suspiciously walking onto other properties and his photo had been circulated in the neighborhood.

Upon learning of this latest incident, neighbors contacted their Neighborhood Watch representative, banded together, searched for the suspicious man and located him. After confronting him as a group, they called the police, who arrived 10 minutes later.

Police obtained consent to search a 5-gallon bucket the residents had seen the man carrying when they confronted him. The bucket contained a clear plastic bag with meth residue, a cut straw with meth residue, 2.6 grams of dried marijuana and two unspent bullets.

Kehaulaniokekai Ching, who has no permanent address, was arrested and taken to the Hilo police cellblock, where he was charged Monday (August 24) with trespassing, promoting a dangerous drug, promoting a detrimental drug, possessing drug paraphernalia and ammunition place to keep. His bail was set at $5,500. He remained at the cellblock pending his initial court appearance on Tuesday (August 25).

Police encourage members of the public to become involved in Neighborhood Watch groups and to immediately report suspicious activity.

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