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Hawaii’s 2014-2015 macadamia nut production up 12 percent over previous season


Larger crop and favorable prices increase 2014-2015 value

Hawaii 2014-2015 macadamia nut utilized production is estimated at 46.0 million pounds (net, wet-in-shell basis), up 12 percent from the previous season according to a survey conducted by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. A larger crop combined with favorable prices contributed to this season’s higher crop value.

Both in crop acreage and harvested acreage remained unchanged from last crop year at 18,000 acres and 16,000 acres, respectively. About 1.3 million trees were estimated for in crop acreage. Yields averaged 2,875 pounds per acre (net, wet-in-shell basis) for the 2014-2015 season, 315 pounds more than the 2013-

2014 season. Average moisture content for the overall crop this season was 19.3 percent compared with 20.3 percent from last season.

Farm value for the 2014-2015 crop is estimated at $40.0 million (net, wet-in-shell basis), up 12 percent from 2013-2014 season. The average farm price remained unchanged at 87.0 cents per pound. The last time prices were this high was in 1989-1990 at 89.0 cents per pound (net, wet-in-shell basis). The record high farm price was in 1988-1989 crop year at 90.0 cents per pound (net, wet-in-shell basis). See Table 3 on page 3 for the macadamia nut historical data series.

Full USDA Report in PDF Format

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