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Man receives assault and drug charges after confrontation in Glenwood


Mikaele Carvalho

Mikaele Carvalho

An 18-year old man was arrested and charged Thursday (July 16) with felony assault and drug offenses following a confrontation last week in the Fern Forest subdivision of Glenwood.

On July 6, a neighbor of a vacant house observed a suspicious person enter the property and later walk out carrying a pillow case. When the neighbor confronted the suspicious man as he was leaving, the man punched him and fled the area. The victim sustained fractured ribs in the assault.

Responding officers recovered a pillow case filled with 11 pounds of copper pipe from the scene. They identified the suspect as 18-year-old Mikaele Carvalho of Glenwood and began to search for him.

Thursday, officers on patrol in the subdivision spotted Carvalho walking on the side of a road. When officers stopped their vehicle to make contact with him, he immediately fled into the bush, throwing a fanny pack into the ferns.

Officers caught and arrested Carvalho. The fanny pack was recovered and later determined to contain 17.6 grams dried marijuana, a glass smoking pipe with methamphetamine residue, and a cut straw.

After consulting with prosecutors, Carvalho was charged with felony assault, promoting a dangerous drug, promoting a detrimental drug and possessing drug paraphernalia. His bail was set at $6,250.

He was released from custody after posting bond.

Police continue to investigate the theft case.

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