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New generation in ultrasound technology


North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) is offering patients a new generation of ultrasound equipment, featuring truly pioneering technology that increases ultrasound image quality and significantly improves diagnostic confidence.

This cutting‐edge technology is made available by three recently acquired Acuson S3000 ultrasound systems from Siemen’s Healthcare.

“The advanced technologies available through the new devices dramatically enhances our ability to provide consistently clearer results with a more comfortable and time‐efficient exam experience for all of our ultrasound patients,” says Leslie Brusk, NHCH Director of Imaging Services.

Ultrasound is a common imaging tool that uses high‐frequency sound waves to produce images of structures and soft tissues in the body.

It is most frequently used as a diagnostic tool to view organs such as the liver and spleen, as well as arteries, veins, legs, arms and the neck.

Ultrasound can measure the flow of blood to many organs and is also used to help guide needles for biopsies.

Ultrasound is commonly used on pregnant women to check the baby’s size, development and position.

Additionally, the Siemen’s Acuson S3000 device offers multi‐modality review capabilities, allowing CT and/or MRI images to be imported into the ultrasound system for rapid and easy side‐by‐side comparison, yielding an additional layer of information to increase diagnostic confidence.

“This new equipment offers the top ultrasound technology available today,” says Ken Graham, NHCH President. “This advanced technology ultimately translates into exceptional image quality, greater exam access and a wider range of exams for our patients.”

New exams made possible by the new ultrasound equipment include musculoskeletal ultrasound exams, 3D imaging for obstetrics, and elastographies, an exam measuring the elasticity of organs in a new way.

For more than eight years, NHCH’s Imaging Department has continued an affiliation with the world‐renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

As the only Cleveland Clinic affiliated Imaging Center in the State of Hawaii, NHCH’s Imaging Department has the ability to offer patients access to world‐class resources and radiologists.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, contact NHCH’s Imaging Department directly at 808‐881‐4880.

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