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2015 HIPA Valentine relay canoe race results


Results of the Hawaii Island Paddlesports Association’s Valentine Relay canoe race.

Due to the high wind and waves, the course was changed to a down winder from Keauhou Bay to the Kona Pier for the first leg and from the Kona Pier to Honokohau Harbor for the second leg. The course was approximately 11 miles total.

11:17:490:42:280:35:21Steve Berengue/Nue Youdarian1st Iron OC2 Men
21:19:510:43:270:36:24Ryan Keone Au1st Iron OC1 Men
31:22:530:45:020:37:51Theron Ogata2nd Iron OC1 Men
41:23:030:44:290:38:34Kade Pelekane3rd Iron OC1 Men
51:25:040:46:140:38:50Scott Ferry / Kevin Lindsey, Kevin Lindsey/Alisa Prendergast1st OC2 40-49 Men
61:25:200:47:230:37:57Angela Rey / Paul Streiter1st Iron OC2 Mixed
71:27:400:47:160:40:24Alisa & Phil Prendergast1st 40-49 OC1 Mixed
81:28:530:48:280:40:25Koa Spoon4th Iron OC1 Men
91:28:550:52:320:36:23Freddie Berengue / Carol Strawn, Dan Legler / Nikki Enos1st 40-49 OC2 Mixed
101:30:000:48:350:41:25Mel Pauole / Leila Duim, Lambert & Bev Leeloy1st 50-59 OC2 Mixed
111:31:060:48:500:42:16Jacque Blais5th Iron OC1 Men
121:32:550:48:560:43:59Lin Cox6th Iron OC1 Men
131:34:130:49:530:44:20Pele Pelekane7th Iron OC1 Men
141:35:560:51:590:43:57Tina Flower / Lorrin Ching2nd 40-49 OC1 Mixed
151:38:180:50:350:47:43Shannon & Kalai Hardy, Eddie & Eleina Hayward1st OC2 Family Mixed
161:38:550:59:180:39:37Zachery Judd/Kim Kimi/Tiger Taylor, Michelle & Jeremy Padayao/Sheila Cadaoas1st OC3 Mixed
171:41:120:57:580:43:14Leslie Crawford / Chris Grogan1st 50-59 OC1 Mixed
181:42:080:57:370:44:31Jennifer McDaniel / Mark Crawford2nd 50-59 OC1 Mixed
191:45:480:56:100:49:38Teri Fong / Sheila Cadaos1st 50-59 OC1 Women
201:45:521:05:280:40:24Brook & Madeleine Collins/Terry Neubert, Toni & Kirby Maury/Karen Crawford2nd OC3 Mixed
211:45:551:02:240:43:31Vern & Janet Heikkila, Diane Neubert/Gil Niday1st OC2 60+ Mixed
221:51:000:58:240:52:36Maile Leslie1st Iron OC1 Women
231:54:091:01:460:52:23Harriet Parson / Kii Hursey1st OC1 Novice Mixed
241:55:201:02:310:52:49Tiffany Stegehuis/Kristy Hardy, Jan Kekua-Spencer/Apryl Sasaki1st OC2 40-49 Women
251:56:471:02:410:54:06Pam & Don Kirby, Barbara & Steve Prestia2nd OC2 50-59 Mixed
262:01:331:02:160:59:17Dave Yamagata8th Iron OC1 Men
272:20:000:58:481:21:12Michael Woodbury/Shay Bintliff, Peter Lasich/Libby Dingeldein2nd OC2 60+ Mixed
280:00:000:52:080:00:00Steve Arnett/Jessie Krause, Daniel Chun/ SamanthaDNF OC2 Open Mixed
300:00:001:13:140:00:00Karen Mickievic / Alec FiermanDNF OC1 Open Mixed
310:00:000:50:430:00:00Leo SantimerDNF IronOC1 Men
321:14:280:00:001:14:28Dane EnosOC1 Iron Men

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