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Results of the 25th Annual East Hawaii Challenge canoe race

By Jane Bockus | Special to Hawaii 24/7

Results of the Saturday (Jan 31) 25th Annual East Hawaii Challenge Hawaii Island Paddlesports Association canoe race, sponsored by Sheila Cadaoas and Keaukaha General Store.

Both courses started at Richardson’s Park in Keaukaha with the 6 mile short course racers paddling straight to Hilo Bayfront with a turn under the Wailuku River Bridge. The competitors on the 10 mile long course headed southeast 1.5 miles to the “Big Rock” then turned to follow the same route to the finish line at Bayfront in front of the Paddlers of Laka’s halau.

A delicious fish taco lunch was served following the race, and awards were presented to all participants.

11:21:40Ivan McIvor1 Surfski Men
21:22:49Kainoa Tanoai2 Surfski Men
31:26:27Keakua Nolan1 V-1 Men 30-39
41:28:43Kai'ea Cann1 OC1 Men 20-29
51:31:12Eddie Hayward1 OC1 Men 40-49
61:32:52Theron Ogata2 OC1 Men 40-49
71:33:41Chad Cabral1 V-1 Men 40-49
81:33:44Koa Spoon2 V-1 Men 30-39
91:33:45Troy Parker-Bailey1 OC1 Men 50-59
101:34:34Afa Tuaolo2 OC1 Men 50-59
111:34:45Kristopher Keough1 OC1 Men 30-39
121:35:08Louie Mendonca3 OC1 Men 50-59
131:35:12Alisa Prendergast1 OC1 Women 40-49
141:35:34Terry Andrade4 OC1 Men 50-59
151:36:13Phil Prendergast2 OC1 Men 40-49
161:36:33Nate Groschalski2 OC1 Men 30-39
171:36:51Guy Loa3 V-1 Men 30-39
181:37:03Zachary Judd2 OC1 Men 20-29
191:38:15Tyron Nicolas3 OC1 Men 40-49
201:38:40Dave Ortiz1 V-1 Men 50-59
211:39:16Jeremy Padayao4 V-1 Men 30-39
221:39:16Kepa Weller3 OC1 Men 20-29
231:40:00Jeff Clemenson1 OC1 Men 60+
241:40:04Eddie Nabarro2 V-1 Men 40-49
251:40:05Carolyn Strawn & Terry Neubert1 OC2 Mixed 60+
261:40:37Lin Cox5 OC1 Men 50-59
271:40:44Scott Laursen4 OC1 Men 40-49
281:41:50Stan Cann6 OC1 Men 50-59
291:41:56Jacques Blais2 OC1 Men 60+
301:43:05Leila Duim & Leslie Crawford1 OC2 Women 50+
311:43:55Nick Yamauchi4 OC1 Men 20-29
321:44:04Lorrin Ching3 OC1 Men 60+
331:44:38Tina Flower2 OC1 Women 40-49
341:45:40Steve Prestia7 OC1 Men 50-59
352:13:00Diane Neubert & Nolan Chock2 OC2 Mixed 60+
361:48:39Michele Padayao/Jen Tanner/Kim Kimi1 OC3 Women Open
371:54:40Kenneth Gonzales8 OC1 Men 50-59
10:58:46Wendell & Ha'aheo Kaiawe1 OC2 Men under 50
20:59:55Kade Pelekane1 OC1 Men under 20
31:01:05Steven Berengue1 OC1 Men 40-49
41:01:08Chris Grogan1 OC1 Men 60+
51:02:25Kerry Long2 OC1 Men 60+
61:03:27Stephen Arnett3 OC1 Men 60+
71:05:18Kevin Thompson1 OC1 Men 50-59
81:06:34Albert Lee2 OC1 Men 40-49
91:07:29Mark Crawford4 OC1 Men 60+
101:08:01Gabriel Pelekane3 OC1 Men 40-49
111:10:11David Wallace4 OC1 Men 60+
121:11:53Mike Woodbury & Mac Amos1 OC2 Men 60+
131:13:50Dave Yamagata2 OC1 Men 50-59
141:16:30Don Weir & Tracy Lewis2 OC1 Men 60+
151:18:21Harriet Parsons1 OC1 Women Novice
161:22:38Kristin Crews2 OC1 Women Novice
171:32:53Karen Mickievic1 OC1 Women 60+
181:48:11Alec Fierman1 SUP Men

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