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Retired police major releases first book


Thousands of retired police officers openly admit that they wouldn’t do the job today, in a culture where their every move is tracked and public scrutiny has hit epidemic levels.

One of those is Henry J. Silva, who rose to the rank of major during his distinguished career and has served in all major police department divisions and sections.

Concerned about the false reality many crime writers convey, Silva has put pen to paper to showcase good old policing as it used to be done.

“The Badge, The Balls and The Bull Sh-t” fuses fact with fiction to take readers into a world of unorthodox practices that seemed to always get the job done.

While Silva cautions this book is fiction and represents only what is in the his mind for entertainment purposes, it tells the story of an efficient and hard working detective of the Hawaiian Island Police Department, who can be not very nice, when it comes to criminals who cause harm to others.

He is actually a nightmare to some of the criminal element, including the Mexican Mafia and Middle Eastern terrorists. However, he treats his informants with respect and dignity.

It is action-packed and sometimes a very accurate novel, going from one type of criminal activity to another, he rights wrongs, then punishes the bad guys. If any incidents should resemble any semblance to actual facts or crimes, it is purely coincidental.

“To cut to the chase, police justice in this novel is swift and just; exactly how it used to be in the real world,” Silva said. “Police procedures are casual and the demands of superiors are never prioritized over catching the bad guys. Essentially, they do whatever they need to do in order to protect society. Murderers are shot to death in the same way they killed their victims, plans to build mosques are derailed before they ever come to fruition and inter-division rivalry actually moves cases along.”

Readers will be hard pressed to find a traditional crime writer composing narratives with this level of fact and brevity. In fact, readers already have left a slew of positive reviews.

J. Lan comments, “A gripping read that has the captured the feeling of authentic police work. Suspenseful. I could not put the first chapter down till I found out if justice would be served. Easy to catch the feeling of the intensity of police work. Offers a behind the scenes look into practices and procedures and the reality of protect and serve. There is this contradiction; I struggled with editing and grammatical errors which occur frequently but, interestingly, these also added to the feeling that the book was a real story being told by a real cop. Well worth the read.”

F.J. Foster Haney adds, “So suspenseful that I couldn’t put it down. Hopefully there will be a second one to read…can’t wait!”

The author was born on the island of Oahu three months before the Pearl Harbor attack Dec. 7, 1941. He attended both public and Catholic schools and obtained a college degree in criminal justice.

He followed a police career as his grandfather before him.

He began studying martial arts when 8 years old with judo, then went on to aikido and finally before he went into the military obtained his black belt in karate.

In the military he was assigned to the Army Security Agency. He moved to the Big Island in 1966, becoming a police officer.

After retiring as a major, he worked for the federal government and owned Ex-cop Investigations. He also worked as a reserve officer for 18 years covering beats, and for his last five years he investigated cold case homicides.

To keep fit, he regularly works out at a local gym, but is no longer a member of the 400-pound club.

The author shoots action pistol and rifle on a weekly basis. His son is a protege of his father’s teachings and, as a senior in high school, represented Hawaii at the Junior Olympics in small bore rifle.

The author and his lovely wife, Rita, have been married for 47 years, and he relates that he “knows how to pick ‘em.”

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