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Stene: Ige has chance for transparency

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Aaron Stene | Special to Hawaii 24/7

I’m a concerned citizen, who closely follows county and state highway projects on the Big Island.

I believe its important to monitor these new projects, especially since the State and county are using taxpayer dollars to build these new highways.

This is why I’ve spent so much of my free time being a community transportation advocate.

The centralized Oahu Hawaii Department of Transportation leadership, along with the Federal Highways Administration, has treated people like myself as enemies of the state.

I’ve had to jump through hoops to get any updates through alternative means over the past four years as a

These departments really need to embrace the public’s participation and be more transparent.

Soon-to-be Gov. David Ige promised to conduct his administration in a more transparent fashion. However, this is only part of the solution to the issues facing the HDOT.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s HDOT appointees had no leadership and public relation skills. This has to change under Ige’s watch.

The HDOT needs strong leadership to push several stalled projects, such as the Queen Kaahumanu Highway widening phase 2 and the final east side Daniel K. Inouye Highway phase, forward.

I hope Ige fulfills his campaign promises, as Hawaii can’t afford four more years of spinning its wheels.

Aaron Stene

One Response to “Stene: Ige has chance for transparency”

  1. Frank Dickinson says:

    I’m betting that Soon-to-be Gov. David Ige will prove to be just as corrupt and inefficient as all the other Democrats that hold important offices. We Send Senators and Representatives to our highest legislative branches that have NO skills, no common sense and ONLY care about being re-elected. Many start out with honorable intentions then let the power they have take over their lives. Power breeds corruption we’ve seen it in the past, we will continue to see it as long as Unions control our legislators… Break the unions, you break the chain of corruption… Simple


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