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Hawaii’s Volcano Circus maintains innocent position regarding BLNR ruling


Despite several attempts by staff and legal counsel of the Hawaii’s Volcano Circus (HVC) to clarify the organizational relationship between HVC and the Village Green Society (VGS), the state Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) waged fines against both organizations earlier this month.

According to HVC Chairman, Graham Ellis, HVC did not erect or occupy any of the alleged structures nor is it responsible for any alleged encroachments on state land.

He also clarified that all ohia used in constructing SPACE was sustainably harvested on the VGS TMK.

Interim Director, Dena Smith, reports feeling frustrated and disappointed at the vindictive efforts by several local residents that have repetitively waged complaints against SPACE over the last several years.

She states that this pattern is destructive and counterproductive to building community connection and communication.

Another source of frustration, according to Smith, is the information leakage to the press before either HVC or VGS received communication from the DLNR.

It took nearly two months for the DLNR initial finding report to be sent to both organizations.

The mission statement of SPACE is “to creatively promote sustainable local community in Puna Makai.” This mission has been put into practice in recent weeks during the aftermath of Tropical Storm Iselle, when SPACE stepped in to offer assistance to local residents and neighbors by serving as a relief station; offering free ice, bathrooms, food & water distribution, and daily potluck dinners.

Now with the lava threatening passage to lower Puna, SPACE is again seeking ways to serve the local community.

The focus for this colorful community arts center is on educational programs, particularly those for children and families. Besides being the home of the renowned HICCUP Circus, SPACE is also home to Seaview School, a satellite program of the Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences, which serves more than 30 students.

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2 Responses to “Hawaii’s Volcano Circus maintains innocent position regarding BLNR ruling”

  1. Ann Frid says:

    This past spring March 2014 I visited this place with my grandchildren (hawaiin born) I was very impressed with it all. This wonderful SPACE is home to many important activities for young families in the community. The teachers are caring, engaged & very aware to what is needed to create a place of peace & harmony for all. Please support these people who are working hard for humankind. Please seek ways for them to continue their efforts to make a great place to feel safe & secure. Repectfully yours, Ann & Kent Frid.

  2. cindy prince says:

    Both Dena and Graham have demonstrated a strong commitment to community in Seaview. Their contributions and the contributions of the organizations they represent are instrumental in the management of resources in the lower puna area with regards to sustainability and emergency support. Tt would be beneficial for all the neighborhood to communicate and act with ‘aloha’. I feel certain this can be accomplished without bringing courts into this matter, wasting a lot of resources in the form of money and energy better spent toward creating sustainability. I invite all neighbors in Seaview to be more forward-looking, to work together, possibly thru mediation, and to bring the highest intention to the table going forward. We all need each other to survive and thrive. Time to act intelligently and with respect. Mahalo.


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