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Brushfire ignited by lava flow front is contained


UPDATE: 8:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 6

As of 8 p.m. Monday, approximately 293 acres had burned between Ainaloa and Pahoa, but emergency crews report the fire was contained within an existing fire break.

The area is covered with low lying grass, uluhe ferns and ohia trees.

Earlier in the day, the blaze jumped the fire break and was heading in a westerly direction. It was extinguished by water bucket drops and ground crews.

Water bucket drops were suspended at nightfall.

Ground crews will patrol the area throughout the night.

An aerial survey will be conducted at first light.

Click for Civil Defense Brushfire Audio Message 5:30 p.m. October 6, 2014

The Hawaii Fire Department reports the brush fire in the area of the lava flow front on the Mauka side of Highway 130 between Pahoa and Ainaloa has been contained. Fire Department units and personnel are on scene and working on mopping-up operations.

No homes or property is threatened however smoke conditions may increase downwind or to the North of the fire in the areas of Ainaloa and Hawaiian Paradise Park.

2 Responses to “Brushfire ignited by lava flow front is contained”

  1. Geoff Shaw says:

    So no smoke will reach Orchidland Estates or do we not matter

    • Baron says:

      The smoke would probably be detected by residents everywhere downwind, but most noticeable directly downwind (North) of the blaze. Ainaloa and HPP are just the ones which would have cause for most concern since they are closest.

      Of course the wind could shift in a split-second negating the smoke alert for communities North of the blaze.


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