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Geothermal meeting ends with punches being thrown

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised due to strong language

The Puna Pono Alliance Geothermal Health Impact Meeting Saturday (Aug 30) was winding down to a conclusion as speakers answered a final few question when an attendee started shouting and eventually threw punches at organizers Robert Petricci and Steve Hirakami hosting the event. This brought the meeting to a conclusion.

Hawaii 24/7’s video of the meeting which was held at Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science (HAAS School) is posted here with the majority of the meeting preceeding the unfortunate conclusion.

The start of the Puna Pono Alliance Geothermal Health Impact meeting while it was civil. Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

The start of the Puna Pono Alliance Geothermal Health Impact meeting while it was civil. Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

11 Responses to “Geothermal meeting ends with punches being thrown”

  1. Mo says:

    The “state official” is stupid but the haole man who was throwing punches was yelling racial slurs about haole’s?? wth.

  2. sada anand kaur says:

    Understandably geothermal neighbor resident’s patience is wearing thin after our experiences of the last few weeks.
    This does not excuse rudeness or physical violent as seen at yesterday’s meeting.
    Ormat, Helco, Public Health & Civil Defense officials are all giving same answers that they have given for decades, “We are considering/working on this issue, we wll get back to you.”
    This is no longer acceptable to our community.
    Ormat’s monitors were not functioning during latest hydrogen sulfide release during storm that made evacuation impossible for some of our residents. This is simply unacceptable.
    Every resident within miles of this geothermal plant must be supplied with & taught how to
    use monitors for their safety & well being, at the very minimum.
    These are not unreasonable demands of our private & public agencies.

  3. concerned citizne says:

    Wow Steve is like a little dictator…that lolo needs some help.

  4. Kealii8 says:

    The state official should also be discipline, he escalated the incident and his friend laid hands on the vocal man as the video clearly shows. Then he continues onward with another person then cites his authority over the matter and even notes his immunity as such. Either call or have police or security present to prevent such matters from happening and get officials who also have anger management skills who no how to deal with public presentations.

  5. Were the State Rep’s contestants in attendance ? I understand Mike Hale became ill. Did he have a blood drawn? We had an injury during the Hurricane TS and paramedics went over 5 huge section of trees to check on the young lady almost a mile from their truck..

  6. Jack Weber says:

    I concur with Sada’s comments above. While violence is not the answer it is understandable that some residents reach a breaking point when their health is danger and no answers or genuine care seems offered.

  7. karma says:

    The self proclaimed “State Official” was not attending as a state official. He and bob clearly made first physical contact with this gentleman then goes on to say “i never do nothing”. This is what happens when “state officials” loose it. Steve made a bigger scene than the upset gentleman. We expect people to be passionate in their beliefs in this topic but as a state official we the public expect a more professional way in reacting. Steve seemed to think he was pretty tough until he got punched back to reality then he cries like a little girl “call the police”.

  8. Palangi says:

    Typical Puna meeting. Most disrespectful people that you will find anywhere in the USA. Like so many meetings you have good people being verbally and physically attacked for attempting to have a conversation concerning issues of importance to the larger community.

  9. Punatic5 says:

    just a typical day in Hawaii nei puna!!!

  10. Terry Kailaoha Kumu Pa'a Manaiakalani Ridge says:

    I’m NOT OK with the use of the term ‘ha’ole’ in the comment string. It’s an insult tantamount to using the ‘N’ word, or ‘fag’, or ANY OTHER racial/bigotry-based slur, and is DEFINITELY NOT ‘Aloha’!!! While the commentor is TOTALLY CORRECT in their point about back and forth name-calling, I’d much prefer the term ‘white’ guy be used rather than ‘ha’ole’ ~ jus’ sayin’ ~ ALOHA

  11. Aunty Geo says:

    Very Unproffessional!!! A highly controversial and emotionally charged event like this requires the presence of trained security! Very unfortunate for an organization that seeks only to advocate for community concerns that are not Pono. I hope lessons can be learned on how to be more proactive in the future – and that We can successfully address this important issue!!! Mahalo


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