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Results of the 25th Annual Great Waikoloa Canoe Race


Both the Women’s and Mixed crews raced together first on the 10 mile course, which ran north from Anaehoomalu Bay then turned and went south to “Lone Palm” Point, and returned into the wind to finish at Anaehoomalu Bay, fronting the Waikoloa Canoe Club.

The 10+ mile Men’s course followed the same 10 mile route, with the winds having switched direction.

All paddlers received a 25th Annual Commemorative Race Tshirt and a delicious lunch, followed by the presentation of awards to the top 3 canoes in each division.

WOMEN & MIXED RACE: 10 MILE COURSE - Start & Finish at Anaehoomalu Bay
11:15:58KAI OPUA in Kahiau2 Surfski1st Unlimited Canoe - Women
Crew:Melanie Kelekolio/Tia Ulufaleilupe/Cheryl Villegas/Alisa Pendergast/Darcy Daniels/Nicki Lacey-Enos
21:19:51PUNA in Boogie Kalama1 50-592nd Unlimited Canoe - Women
31:20:38KAI OPUA in Ka Piko Kai1 19-393rd Unlimited Canoe - Women
41:22:32KAI OPUA in Tesoro1 40-491st Open Women
Crew:Maile Leslie/Nichole Meier/Veronica Fields/Nicole Holbrook/Rebekah Lussiaa/Angela Rey
51:22:52KAWAIHAE in Waiaka Ilio1 OC 2 Mix -501st Open Mixed
Crew:Megan Ploski/Rachel Gillis/Tricia Tom/Bobby Clement/Charles Lira/Richard Kaniho
61:23:32KAWAIHAE in Pelekane3 50-591st 40+ Mixed
Crew:Michelle Bousquet/Mary Gray/Brandie Oye/Jon Salvador/JR Lai/Kalani Kaniho
71:23:44NA WA'A HANAKAHI in Hilo Paliku2 40-492nd Open Mixed
81:23:53PUNA in Kapili5 19-394th Unlimited Canoe - Women
91:24:28KAI OPUA in Keokea4 50-592nd Open Women
101:24:59KEAUHOU in Aukuu1 40-491st 40+ Women
Crew:Tina Flower/Carolyn Carter/Corinne Convery/Jennifer Nerger/Jennifer McDaniel/Mamo Lind-Strauss
111:25:20HUI WA'A O WAIAKEA in Waiakea1 OC 2 Mix -501st Koa Mixed
Crew:Christine McMahon/Adrian Charkowlsky/Analu Layus/Erica Talbert/Lauren Pacheco/Ira Kekaualua
121:26:17KAI OPUA in Laulani3 50-593rd Open Women
131:26:18KEOUA in Kai Pahe'e2 40-493rd Open Mixed
141:27:26KAMEHAMEHA in Kauohi5 19-395th Unlimited Canoe -Women
151:30:20WAIKOLOA in Kama O Kalani4 50-592nd Koa Mixed
161:30:59KAI EHUTU in Makalalpua2 40-494th Open Women
171:31:10HUI WA'A O WAIAKEA in Kamanu2 40-492nd 40+ Mixed
181:32:25KAI E HITU in Makanani2 40-495th Open Women
191:34:39KEAUHOU in Iolana2 40-491st 50+ Women
Crew:Leila Duim/Carol Carroll/Leslie Crawford/Nancy Concepcion/Teri Fong/Sherri Carney
201:34:46KEOUA in Pali Kapu O Keoua2 40-491st Novice Women
Crew:Pauahi Kamakau/Kawailehua Domingo/Jene Green/Leialoha Kaleohano/Angela Green/Brittany Caporrimo
211:34:47KAMEHAMEHA in Kekualani2 40-492nd 40+ Women
221:35:12KAMEHAMEHA in Tuahine2 40-496th Open Women
231:38:33KAWAIHAE in Uila2 40-491st 55+ Mixed
Crew:Cindy Oswald/Lili Hitt/Larry Vidiak/Bobby Hitt/Dee Edmunds/Bob Herkes
WOMEN & MIXED RACE: 10 MILE COURSE - Start & Finish at Anaehoomalu Bay
241:39:06KAI OPUA in Kukini Kai2 40-497th Open Women
251:39:14KEAUHOU in Kai Pueone2 40-492nd 50+ Women
261:42:53KEAUKAHA in Kialoa Kou Pookela2 40-492nd 55+ Mixed
271:44:36WAIKOLOA in Ho'omaluo2 40-491st Non-Traditional Canoe - Women
Crew:Kimberly Pratt/Erin Block/Amy Kendziorski/Maryann Obrey/Iris Yap/DeeAnn Mitchell
281:57:06WAILOLOA in Makani I Ke Kai2 40-492nd Non-Traditional Canoe - Women
MEN'S RACE: 10 MILE COURSE - Start & Finish at Anaehoomalu Bay
11:15:14KEAUHOU in Olamau2 Surfski1st Open Men
Crew:Chevise Conte/Kainoa Tanoai/Daniel Chun/Keakua Nolan/Koa Spoon/Kaeo Peterson
21:16:56KEAUHOU in Aukuu1 50-591st 40+ Men
Crew:Mesepa Tanoai/Keone Au/Bruce Ayau/Lyle Palakiko/Thibert Lussiaa/Nue Youderian
31:18:36LAKA/SURF PARK in Pau ka Ilima1 19-391st Unlimited Canoe - Men
Crew:Ed Doherty/Pepper Chong/Michael Akau/Eric Mitchell/Derek Park/Toby Wilkinson
41:20:01KAMEHAMEHA in Kauohi1 40-492nd Unlimited Canoe - Men
51:20:36KAWAIHAE in Pelekane1 OC 2 Mix -502nd Open Men
61:21:11KAI OPUA in Keokea3 50-592nd 40+ Men
71:22:18KEAUHOU in Kahiau2 40-493rd Unlimited Canoe - Men
81:22:43KAI EHITU in Uila5 19-393rd Open Men
91:25:45KEAUHOU in Konawaena4 50-591st 50+ Men
Crew:George Abood/Forest Wild/Paul Daugherty/Rupert Adarme/Barry Francis/Lambert Lee Loy
101:25:54*KEAUHOU in Kai Ili'ili Nehe4 50-594th Open Men
111:26:04KAI OPUA in Tesoro4 50-592nd 50+ Men
121:30:50KAI EHITU in Makanani3 50-593rd 40+ Men
131:33:23KAI EHITU in Makalapua2 40-495th Open Men
141:35:30KEAUHOU in Kai Pueone5 19-391st 60+ Men
Crew:Lorrin Ching/Peter Lasich/Bob Bruce/Mike Sullivan/Jerry Franklin/Kerry Long
151:35:44KAMEHAMEHA in Kekualani4 50-596th Open Men
161:40:35WAIKOLOA in Makani I ke Kai2 40-491st Non-Traditional Canoe - Men
Crew:Jeb Goss/Jeff Spikerman/Russell Simpliano/John Warneke/Jim Albone/Robert Yap
171:43:08KEAUKAHA in Kialoa Kou Po'okela2 40-493rd 50+ Men
181:53:59WAIKOLOA in Ho'o Maluo2 40-492nd Non-Traditional Canoe - Men
* = 3 minute penalty added to time for 2 non-conforming paddles (no wood in construction)

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