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Governor releases $22M for state infrastructure improvements


HONOLULU – Gov. Neil Abercrombie today announced the release of more than $22 million to the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) for various capital improvement projects updating state facilities, information technology (IT) infrastructure and business management software.

“Many of these projects will address much-needed repairs, improvements and upgrades for facilities and technological infrastructure across the state,” Gov. Abercrombie said. “They represent long-term investments in safe work environments for state employees and increased efficiency for government services that will also further stimulate the local economy and create job opportunities for many of our residents.”

Allotment of funds for the following projects, identified by state legislators, has been approved by the Governor:

  • $14,900,000 – Public Facilities and Sites, Improvements and Maintenance, statewide – Design and construction funds for various public buildings to improve, rectify safety issues, and/or maintain existing facilities and operations for various state agencies and the public.
  • $2,000,000 – Public Buildings, Energy Conservation Improvements, statewide – Construction funds to replace the roof and install a new photovoltaic system at Keelikolani Building, along with the removal and replacement of air handling units and fan coil units at the Kekuanaoa Building.
  • $1,600,000 – Enterprise IT Infrastructure, statewide – Funds for the implementation of key security components. As the state’s technology infrastructure modernizes, the ability to securely monitor, analyze and respond to cyber threats on the state’s network becomes an increasingly critical component.
  • $1,570,000 – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), statewide – Funds for upgrades to the Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) as part of the statewide ERP project, which will provide the state with an integrated, streamlined approach to financial management, including budgeting, human resources management and acquisition management.
  • $1,525,000 – ERP, statewide – Funds for consultant services for the statewide ERP project. The Office of Information Management and Technology requires these consultant services to prepare for the upcoming ERP contract award and subsequent implementation.
  • $222,000 – Waiawa Correctional Facility, Education Building, Air Conditioning System Replacement and Electrical Upgrades, Oahu – Construction funds for the replacement of the air conditioning system and upgrade of the electrical system at the Waiawa Correctional Facility’s Educational Building.
  • $142,000 – State Civil Defense, Building 303, Air Conditioning and Accessibility Improvements, Oahu – Construction funds for air conditioning and accessibility improvements for administrative office spaces.
  • $60,000 – Department of Health (DOH), Health and Safety, statewide – Design funds for various improvements to the former kitchen/dining building at Waimano Ridge to accommodate a second DOH Operations Center. Improvements include the installation of an emergency generator system, an air conditioning system, hardening of the building and other improvements to accommodate a DOH Operations Center.

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