Puna powers through aftermath of Tropical Storm Iselle

Volunteers joined County, State and Subdivision crews to clean-up Puna in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Iselle which made landfall with near hurricane force winds early Friday morning (Aug 8).

Numerous trees fell across roadways and the utility lines alongside them snapping utility poles and leaving many without power, cable tv and phone service.

Tropical Storm iselle aftermath in Puna with a drive through Hawaiian Paradise Park Friday, August 8, 2014. A few sections of video are sped-up to save time. Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

2 Responses to “Puna powers through aftermath of Tropical Storm Iselle”

  1. GFCinthatorder says:

    I want to bring up some real “HISTORIC” news and how the Hawaii Advertiser completely dissed the Big Island and it’s people for the sake of their political propaganda! While there was not a single article showing the devastation caused by Hurrican Iselle there was plantyof political propaganda. While the Big Island’s community suffered huge losses to homes and businesses the jounalist talk about political defeats more importantly! While there continue to be an estimated 9,000 homes without electicity and running water the Advertiser thinks it’s more historical to talk about what really matters to the political machines of Hanabusa and Shatz! Isn’t It ironic that the very same district that may determine the winner was completely dissed from the Sunday Advertiser who we thought were suppose to bring us the news!? This is a complete disregard for Hawaii and the personal tragedies for so many of my fellow Hawaii neighbors! What the heck happen here? Are you really that blind or is this another political opportunity by total disregard of your Hawaii Aina! I am more than angry at the lack of care and lack of professionalism by the Advertiser!
    Tthis is a good post and excellent to see the Ohanas helping each other we here in the Big Isle have been completely dissed by the Hawaii Advertiser Sunday addition who’s journalist and authors did not publish one article or even one picture ofc the devastation our Hawaii Island has suffered at the hands of Iselle. No they decided it was more important to fill the pages with their political propaganda. The same political machines that decided to balance the state budget with the emergency Hurricane funds. Not even ONE picture or article for Hawaii! That is shameful!

  2. ourdoc says:

    Not only was it not well covered, but the worst part is having the primary makeup vote, when most of us in HPP and HB/HS have NO CLUE the special election went on today. We have had no phone, internet or TV, until this afternoon, AFTER the special voting.

    The JUDGE who decided to go ahead, needs to be removed from the bench, the elected officials who said go ahead COST US OUR VOTE, and they need to be OUT OF OFFICE FOR LIFE. I and many others WILL be filing FEDERAL lawsuits for violating out right to VOTE!


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