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Kona burglaries, auto thefts (June 10-27)


Kona Community Policing staff compile a regular listing of burglaries and thefts in the West Hawaii community. This update covers June 10-27.


Sometime after 10 p.m. on June 13, in the 75-5600 block of Kuakini Highway, someone had broke into a home while the resident was sleeping and took the key to a vehicle bearing license plate ZCB 066. The following morning, resident reported finding four louvers in the bathroom window had been removed and the two front doors were unlocked. The unknown culprit(s) took approximately $35 from a wallet and various keys. Vehicle had been parked in assigned stall. The vehicle left in an unknown direction.

On June 19, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, unknown suspect(s) made entry into apartment and removed an iPhone 3, a small red pouch containing medication and the keys to a Ford Expedition, license plate HDA 004. Victim related that the front screen door was unlocked and that the rear sliding screen door was also unlocked. No one had permission to enter the premises and remove the items.

On June 27, in the 73-1200 block of Nawahie Loop, an individual known by the resident entered a residence without permission and caused damage to his bedroom door frame. Resident was awoken from sleep and heard a loud crashing noise, which was the suspect breaking down door. Resident related that suspect began accusing resident of cheating on ex-girlfriend. Suspect subsequently left the area on foot.

UCPV – Unauthorized Controlled Propelled Vehicle (Stolen Vehicles)

On June 12, at the bottom of Kaiminani Drive, resident reported locking up a red Syms moped at approximately 6 p.m. June 11. Owner noticed it was gone at 7 a.m. June 13. Moped was reported to have been locked with a cable lock. Estimated value of moped $1,900.

On June 13, in the 76-6000 block of Kuakini Highway, unknown suspect(s) removed moped H34371, without permission while it was parked fronting the residence on Alii Drive. Moped estimated to be valued at $2000. Moped is further described by having a black Nixon sticker placed on the front fender.

On June 14, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, unknown suspect(s) removed maroon 1991 Toyota extra cab pick-up truck, bearing license plate 746 HDK. Vehicle has tinted windows, an approximate 2′ long white scrape/dent to the passenger side bed area, an 8″-10″ dent near the driver side rear wheel well and a ‘Save the Reef’ sticker on the right side of the rear bumper.

On June 15, at OTEC Beach Park, between 1:15 -1:30 p.m., unknown suspect(s) unlawfully removed Mazda vehicle bearing license plate ZCG 466. Vehicle is described as a gray 2009 Mazda (4 door) with a decal of 92.1 radio station on rear driverside bumper and also has custom after market clear brake light covers.

On June 16, in the 75-100 block of Lunapule Road, unknown suspect removed a black 2013 Yamaha Air 50 moped from the Walua Plaza.

On June 19, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, unknown suspect(s) removed vehicle bearing license plate HDA 004, a 2003 two-tone green and silver Ford Expedition from the parking lot of apartment complex. The vehicle was parked locked and unattended within a parking stall. No one had permission to operate or remove the vehicle from its last known location.

On June 19, in the 73-1300 block of Onaona Drive, unknown suspect(s) stole red and silver 2011 Jonway moped from the parking lot of apartment complex. Owner did not give permission for anyone to take or use the moped. Owner bought the moped used two weeks ago for $600.

On June 20, in the 77-6200 block of Mamalahoa Highway, unknown suspect(s) removed dark red 1995 Honda Civic (4 doors), license plate HMC 890, from residence. Owner related that no one had permission to operate the vehicle or remove the vehicle from the premises.

On June 21, in the 75-5900 block of Alii Drive, victim reported that his girlfriend’s vehicle, license plate DG 715, was taken from his workplace without permission. Girlfriend contacted by officer who related that no one else had permission to drive the vehicle.
Value of vehicle is estimated at $3,000.

On June 22, in the 78-6600 block of Mamalahoa Highway, defendant arrested for the offense of UCPV. This after the victim reported a black Nissan pickup, license plate HMT 140 had been removed from residence without permission and had observed defendant within victim’s driveway prior to the vehicle being removed. Victim stated that defendant is known and had arrived at defendant’s residence and observed victim’s vehicle within defendants driveway area. On June 22, at 9:35 p.m., defendant was placed under arrest. Upon a cursory search of defendant, the keys to the victim’s stolen vehicle was within defendant’s shorts pocket.

On June 24, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, victim reported that a moped, bearing plate Z05186, was taken without permission while parked in front of apartment. Moped valued at $1,200.

On June 26, near Lyman’s Beach on Alii Drive, victim locked vehicle while and hid the car keys behind the rear passenger side tire while surfing. Upon returning, victim found that an unknown party had removed the vehicle without permission. Vehicle is 2001 dark green Honda Accord, license plate HBE 527. The windshield wiper hoses have been ripped off and there are multiple scratches and dents on the hood of the car. Victim stated within the car was a short board surfboard, one brown bi-fold leather wallet with a German map on it containing $50, and one black iPhone 4.

On June 26, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, a red 1991 Buick Skylark, license plate HMB 105 was stolen between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Owner stated no permission given to anyone to drive or remove vehicle. Witness stated they saw a white older model tow truck tow the vehicle around 6:40 p.m.

UEMV – Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle (Breaking into Cars)

On June 10, in the 78-6700 block of Alii Drive, unknown suspect(s) entered into rental vehicle ZBA 043, and removed a black purse containing New Hampshire driver license, and credit card. Total value of items stolen is $1,500.

On June 10, at Honkohau Harbor, between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., an unknown party punched out the door lock to the driver’s side and removed a backpack that was on the passenger seat from a vehicle. Estimated loss total $162.

On June 10 at Manini Beach, Kealakekua Bay, unknown party(s) broke the lock to a vehicle and removed a bag from the trunk without permission.

On June 10 at Kau Bay Beach Park, unknown party unzipped the window on a Jeep Wrangler, pried open the center console, which was locked, and stole a wallet and iPhone 5 cell phone. Victim called his mother to let her know what had happened and drove home to Waikoloa Village. Upon returning to residence, victim called police to make a report of the incident.

On June 14, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, an unknown person(s) entered a vehicle and removed property without consent.

On June 15, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, unknown person broke the rear passenger window to motor vehicle with a rock. Glovebox was opened but no items were removed.

On June 16, in the 75-5700 block of Kalawa Street, unknown person(s) entered vehicle, license place RCS 760, and removed property without consent. The vehicle was not secure. Suspect(s) removed vehicle registration and insurance card. Total loss: $50.

On June 23, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, unknown suspect(s) entered vehicle through open window and removed a black leather trifold wallet containing cash and cards. Total value of items taken $195.

On June 23, 74-500 block of Honokohau Street, unknown suspect(s) entered vehicle and removed several items without permission. Estimated value $690.

On June 23, at Kekahakai State Park, rental vehicle was broken into. Victin reported an orange backbpack was taken that contained $2,000 in cash, Casio camera, and bracelet. Total loss reported $3,200.

On June 24, in the 78-100 block of Ehukai Street, unknown suspect(s) cut the plastic cover to rental Jeep, license plate ZCC 215, overnight while it was in the hotel parking lot. Snorkel equipment was missing from rear area of the vehicle.

On June 25, in the 75-5000 block of Alahou Street, unknown person(s) made an unauthorized entry into truck through the back window and removed laptop from the passenger seat. The estimated value of the laptop is $70.

On June 27, at Honl’s Beach Park, unknown suspect(s) broke the rear passenger window of vehicle bearing license plate MLK 389, that was parked and locked. Multiple items removed.

On June 27, in the 75-6000 block of Alii Drive, a Toyota Corolla, license plate HKX 605, was entered by an unknown suspect(s) without permission while it in a parking lot. Suspect(s) removed flannel shirt valued at $45. An additional victim was identified at the scene who related that additional items contained within the trunk had been removed without permission during the same incident. Second victim described the items taken as: pair of tan colored Levi brand pants valued at $45, a light brown colored Adidas brand hat with a dark brown colored leather logo on front valued at $35, and $125 cash. Total value of items removed: $205.

Reach Kona Community Policing at 326-4646, ext. 290.

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