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Nearly 45,000 pounds of outdated telephone directories collected


The Berry Company, publisher of the Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages, along with schools on the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai, Maui and Molokai, collected nearly 45,000 pounds of outdated telephone directories for recycling through the sixth-annual Think Yellow, Go Green program.

The month-long environmental awareness program, which kicked off on Earth Day, invited the local schools to compete to collect the most outdated directories for recycling. The schools had the opportunity to win cash prizes for their students’ participation in the program, and award amounts varied depending on the school’s location.

The Think Yellow, Go Green program creates an opportunity to teach students across the neighbor islands about the importance of recycling and giving reusable materials new life.King Kaumualii Elementary School, the school that collected the most telephone directories on Kauai Island, amassed 2,420 pounds of directories

“For the past several years our school has been honored to participate in this unique environmental awareness initiative that serves as a tool to teach our students about impact they can make in the community, as well as a fun recycling contest with other local schools on our island,” said Karen Liu, Principal of King Kaumualii Elementary School.

In addition to the school contest, Berry teamed up with local food banks, including Hawaii Foodbank, Hawaii Foodbank – Kauai Branch, The Food Basket and the Maui Foodbank, to host a community food drive. By using heavier-weight reusable delivery bags for the new 2015 directories, Berry encouraged the community to fill the bags with nonperishable food items and deliver them to the participating food banks.

“Berry is committed to delivering directories to consumers who want them and recycling the outdated directories, and we want to thank the neighbor island communities and schools for their ongoing support,” said Ray Carulli, branch manager of the Hawaii division. “This program has not only helped us keep recyclable materials out of landfills over the past six years, but our school partners have said it teaches the students about the difference they can make in preserving the local

After the close of the contest, the recycled telephone directories are shipped to Oahu for recycling. Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages are 100 percent recyclable, and the materials are converted into an array of new products, including building insulation, writing and copier papers, newsprint, paper towels and more.

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