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BOE extends Matayoshi contract


The state Board of Education has approved a three-year contract for state Department of Education (DOE) Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi.

The contract extension was approved subject to a report from Superintendent Matayoshi to the BOE responding to the concerns raised by a recent survey of educators. The related issues were presented in public testimony during this week’s BOE meeting.

“Our Strategic Plan establishes very clear goals that require collaboration, thoughtful decision-making and accountability. The department has made significant changes and continues to make positive progress under Superintendent Matayoshi’s leadership,” BOE Chairman Don Horner said.

“During her term, the DOE has faced significant challenges, including budget reductions, union issues, federal mandates, and implementation of a new comprehensive strategic plan. She has reorganized the entire department to be in alignment with our strategic objectives, which are focused on student success,” he said.

Matayoshi has been steadily working on the transformation of the state’s public education system since she was appointed superintendent in September 2010. In 2011, the DOE and BOE released a first-ever joint Strategic Plan focused on student success. Matayoshi has refocused the departmental offices to be more efficient and better aligned with the goals outlined in the 2011-18 Strategic Plan.

“Our students and educators have made incredible achievements during a time of change that has not been easy,” stated Matayoshi. “I look forward to finding ways to assure the sustainability of the progress we’ve seen in transforming education and ensuring a foundation that allows for student and staff success for the long-term.”

Matayoshi was named superintendent in September 2010. Prior to her appointment, she served as acting and interim superintendent (January 2010) and deputy superintendent (July 2009).

The three-year contract approval goes into effect on July 1, 2014.

The salary has not been determined.

For a list of accomplishments during Matayoshi’s term, visit: .aspx

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