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Results of the ‘Run To Honor’ 5K event


Runners start the 'Run To Honor' 5K run in honor of Police Week.

Runners start the ‘Run To Honor’ 5K run in honor of Police Week.

At Liliʻuokalani Gardens in Hilo on Saturday morning (May 17), 105 adults participated in the “Run To Honor” 5K Run, 66 adults participated in the 2 Mile Walk and 45 children participated in the “Click It or Ticket” Keiki Fun Run.

The event was held in recognition of Police Week, which honors the memory of officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to promote crime prevention through the use of Crime Stoppers.

This family event also included food, entertainment, informational and activity booths, prizes, a water slide and more. Organizers plan to make this an annual event.

Proceeds from adult entry fees will go to establish a Crime Stoppers/Police scholarship for Criminal Justice majors at Hawaiʻi Community College. Children participated without charge.

First, second and third place winners in each age category of the 5K run are listed below.

Men 17-19 Women 17-19
1st Place: Steven Chung 1st Place: Skye Rances
2nd Place: Kyle Ignacio 2nd Place: Shariah Mae Olomua
3rd Place: Keith Nerida 3rd Place: Makena Wanner
Men 20-29 Women 20-29
1st Place: Dean Baldwin 1st Place: Mariah Castro
2nd Place: Alexis Molina 2nd Place: Bianca Keohokapu
3rd Place: Paul Wright 3rd Place: Ashlen Gealon
Men 30-39 Women 30-39
1st Place: Thomas Shopay 1st Place: Mariana Hollo
2nd Place: Luke McKay 2nd Place: Erin Nacis
3rd Place: Sean Tamura 3rd Place: Jeanelle Dela Cruz
Men 40-49 Women 40-49
1st Place: Jesse Ebersole 1st Place: Kendra Ignacio
2nd Place: Normann Petersen 2nd Place: Robin Bauman
3rd Place: Jeff Tarby 3rd Place: Lynn Petersen
Men 50-59 Women 50-59
1st Place: Adam Busek 1st Place: Laurie Kaneta
2nd Place: Andrew Langtry 2nd Place: Joan Arakaki
3rd Place: John Hylas 3rd Place: Lisa Aukai
Men 60+ Women 60+
1st Place: DJ Blinn 1st Place: Chele Hryniuk
2nd Place: Smith Kaleohano 2nd Place: Dorothea Fendentz
3rd Place: David Hammes 3rd Place: Linda Nako


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