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SHYLI hosts design sustainable Hawaii forum


Leaders from business, government, education and civic groups joined together April 4 with talented youth from Hawaii, Lanai and Oahu to see how we might design a sustainable future for Hawaii.

The Design Sustainable Hawaii Forum built bridges between decision makers, and action-oriented youth and used the resources to harness the power of youth, capture their imagination, and fast track innovative sustainability projects.

Educator Calvin Hoe used Mau Piailug’s design for the traditional leis, in honor of the Hokulea imminent departure on its worldwide voyage and goal of building the next generation of voyagers.

“We need you to tell us what is relevant and real because the future is about you,” Sen. Jill Tokuda said opening the daylong forum. “We need to redo our policies to reflect what we think is important and that is sustainability. It is for our future.”

As chairwoman of the Education Committee, Tokuda was a strategic ally for SHYLI youth Trevor Tanaka who worked with Rep. Denny Coffman to get the Resolution passed in the House and Senate.

SHYLI’s 2nd Annual Forum was dedicated to designing an effective implementation strategy for Sustainability Resolution 178.

Ian Kitajima welcomed everyone with a reminder of the Hawaii 2050 Forum where a panel of Hawaii’s high school students was asked about their future – and if they saw themselves living in Hawaii.

“When no one raised their hands, the students were surprised. The adults were even more surprised,” Kitajima said. “If we want a sustainable Hawaii, we need to invest in our young people, their future and ours.”

This year SHYLI youth inspired young and older alike with their Sustainability-In-Actions Projects:

* Agriculture/Composting: Green is the New Black: Lucy Gaceta, UHMC Lanai

* Aquaponics: Where Does Your Food Come From? Daniel Forsythe, UHMC Lanai

* Education: Empowering Hawaii’s Youth: Alex Siordia, Hawaii Preparatory Academy

* Sustainable Energies: Slaying the Vampire of Energy: Mickie Hirata, Hawaii Preparatory Academy

* Hydroponics/Farming of the Future: KaMele Sanchez & Sherry Anne Pancho, Honokaa High School

Passing the Torch

Hawaiian Tourism Authority President and CEO Mike McCartney spoke of how leaders must make tough choices.

“This generation is living in a dynamic global island… Planet Earth. You are the ones to find the path to balance the use of your time and energy wisely; to create a strong collective ambition for peace in the world,” he said. “It starts with peace from within one’s self and then throughout the world by ‘living aloha.’”

The Design Sustainable Hawaii Forum was organized by the Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership Initiative. SHYLI’s mission is to train young people from Hawaii to envision their dreams for their lives, and build a more sustainable island and world.

SHYLI began on the Island of Hawaii in 2010. It is a project of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization founded in 1997. Last year’s SHYLI Forum was held on the Big Island, coinciding with the Hawaii Island Economic Summit 2012.

At the 2013 SHYLI Forum Oceanit’s Vice President Ian Kitajima presented the first Guy Toyama Scholarship. He invited SHYLI to Oahu, first hosting the SHYLI Job Shadow Day, then partnering on the SHYLI Forum.

“There is a natural synergy between Design Thinking Hawaii and Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership Initiative,” he said. “SHYLI embodies the principles of Design Thinking. SHYLI youth possess the ‘beginner’s mind’ and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking that Design Thinking teaches adults. They exude the empathy and most importantly, they are taking the initiative to envision projects and engage people. The SHYLI Forum is a differentiator and catalyst.”

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