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Legislature approves funds for Puna Community Medical Center and Library


Update from the office of Senator Russell Ruderman

$750,000 For Puna Community Medical Center Emergency Room Approved

HONOLULU — On Friday April 25, 2014, the Hawaii State Legislature appropriated $750,000 for a new emergency room facility for the Puna Community Medical Center. This Capital Improvement Project (CIP) will fund the feasibility study, planning, and the design components for a full service emergency room to serve the Puna District. Currently, the closest emergency room facilities are located in Hilo.

The building of an emergency room facility in Puna is a top priority for Senator Russell Ruderman, whose district is the fastest growing in the state of Hawai‘i.

“I greatly appreciate that the development of this much needed facility in Puna can now move forward with this CIP funding. As the population of Puna continues to climb, the demand for emergency services has also increased significantly.” said Senator Russell Ruderman. “The funding for a new emergency room and related services will provide the Puna District and surrounding areas with a facility that can effectively address the needs of our residents and will save more lives by significantly reducing travel time to a ER.”

$800,000 in CIP Funds Awarded for Puna District Regional Library

HONOLULU — The Hawaii State Legislature has appropriated $800,000 in Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding for the feasibility study, planning, and design components for a new Puna District Regional Library, acknowledging the values of reading, education, and lifelong learning that held in high regard by the residents of Puna. Currently, the Puna District currently has a shared library system that limits the availability of resources to residents of the district.

Senator Russell Ruderman identified the Puna Library as one of his top CIP priorities for 2014 stating that, “Libraries are a crucial link to literacy and learning which preserve the diverse cultural heritage here in Hawai‘i. We recognize the vital role that libraries play as cornerstones in our community, and this appropriation of $800,000 for the Puna District Regional Library will establish a welcomed community resource for the Puna District and neighboring areas. These services are especially critical for rural and economically challenged areas such as Puna, and will provide pathways to improve educational and economic status. The Puna District Regional Library will be a modern facility that goes way beyond books. It will include digital, A/V, e-book, and computer resources that will directly contribute to the health and wellbeing of children, teens, seniors, while serving the community as a whole.”

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